Status of MMC on the warfront

MMC has stopped fighting with UH against the GSA, and declared peace with the GSA. Their leader, blackbird, talked to me in a PC on the GSA chat.


From the MMC website:



7 thoughts on “Status of MMC on the warfront

    1. Agree with Jeep.
      MMC is just a clan of 9-13 year old noobs. Not very many members either. No to mention the leader…

  1. Does this guy just decide to change his mind overnight? Because the first time I heard of him was when he became allies with us and started making bases for us. So I figured he was a good trust worthy person especially when he was given a position on the website. Then I’m away a few days after that and when I return members tell me about MMC is at war with us and how he tried to attack the site. Now after all that he wants to come back? When I go to their current website I see a long post starting off with this:

    “MMC Is No Longer A War Clan. We’ve Already Proven Our Point. We Found Out That In All Of This, The Only “Good” Clans Are Upper Heaven (Jason Start Being On The Chat More Often Lol) Cyclix, And EKAT. GSA Is A Lying, Backstabbing, Conceited Clan, Just As Well As There Followers. Not To Mention There Cowardice. Really, Attempting To Nuke & Attack A Clan When There Leader Turns Their Back.. The Dishonor. You Guys Claimed We Weren’t Honorable. However, Most Of You Can’t Even Tell Me What Honor Is. I Know What Honor Is.”

    Do not lecture me on what honor is! Honor is not ruthlessly betraying your allies. And I find it interesting that he said Jason’s Upper Heaven is the only “Good” clan. Especially after he wrote a plethora of insults aimed directly at Jason and his clan. I don’t know Jason much at all, since I joined after he left, but I imagine he doesn’t have much use for people who makes libelous posts about him. Not to mention all the trash he said about GSA. “Lying, Backstabbing, Conceited” sounds like you’re talking about yourself Blackbird! At least GSA doesn’t betray their allies then profess on being “Honorable”!

    * Sorry for the lengthy reply guys but I am tired of seeing GSA insulted all the time.

    1. Didnt read this whole comment, but
      Blackbird has changed his opinion over night alot. Hes quite young, so that explains it.

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