Chat Idea

So, I know FGs can make a laws and changes to the site without votes or anything, but I want to at least make sure the people are involved and get a say in what I want to incorporate with GSA’s Chat.

So recently there’s been a bunch of controversy over a nonGSA’s “rights” on the chat. You see, there is this loophole going around that someone miraculously started that contradicts our very strict “No Abuse” acts. It seems mods and owners alike think it’s ok to be able to kick and ban for no apparent reason because a nonGSA is not given all the chat rights as a GSA member. 

So, I have an idea, and I want your opinion on this, GSA and nonGSA included. I want to update the Chat Laws I want input on what your opinion is about this, and if I get some support, I’ll make an update to making it illegal to abuse nonGSA.

If you disagree with what I have in mind, make your opinion from the heart on this one because I want to make GSA Chat a fun place to be for everyone. NOT just for GSA. 

Imma Banana,



6 thoughts on “Chat Idea

  1. Oky, let’s see…
    The problem shows up when people show up and say ”Non-GSA has no rights in this chat, and I can ban I can kick I can do whatever I want because he isn’t GSA”
    That’s basically what starts a dictatorship, and I’m pretty sure the clan doesn’t follow that point of view.
    GSA has their own rules for the members, and specifically GSA chat has rules for every member in the chat, being GSA or not being GSA.
    Of course, if the person breaks one rule will recieve warning / kick / ban, depending of the intensity and number of jokes.
    This is my point of view, that both people in and out of GSA should follow specific laws for the chat, but exclusively for GSA members, should follow aditional rules from the clan itself.

  2. Well, Non GSA should have less rights, because frankly they tend to be fucking annoying…
    However, there should be some regulation, rather than just ban by choice/Anarchy.

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