**CTF map and Upcoming Domination map** By: o_Sniper_o

CTF Map and Upcoming Domination Map

(Note: I call a set of logics “Systems”)

So I got bored one day and made a Capture the Flag map.

You can see the raw system here:
http://plazmaburst2.com/?s=9&a=&m=o_sni … &id=575525
ID: o_sniper_o-beta_ctf_system
The way it works is actually really easy. I had made this in the old level editor, but never published it.

Map built around system:
http://plazmaburst2.com/?s=9&a=&m=o_sni … &id=575543
ID: o_sniper_o-alpha_ctf

The flag (centre gun) is made for both team Red and team Blue. (For this example of capturing the flag we will use a red team member) The player takes the flag to his/her side of the map and drops it using V key into the hole, where a AI controlled character (cannot pick up other guns than flag) will pick it up and kill the other AI, which deactivates blue team respawns and kills them all.
This map is to be played in COOP mode.

I am currently working on building a map for my Domination (or Capture the Point) system.
I have already built its template and will release its design when I finish the map.

Feel free to try and bug the CTF map out. Any errors need to be fixed.

Map Name: ALPHA CTF Map

Map ID: o_sniper_o-alpha_ctf

Game Modes allowed: COOP

Maximum Players: 16

Original Plazmaburst 2 post: “Click Here”

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