The smackdown of Blackbird

That intelligence tho.


Someone give this poor fella a dictionary T_T
Such spam. Ever heard of paragraphs? Guess not.

Someone get him a ice bucket, he can do the ALS challenge while soothing that burn! 😛

I made myself laugh with that one~
Whoops, I interrupted his train of thought o3o




26 thoughts on “The smackdown of Blackbird

      1. Site nukes are also wrong, but he hasn’t nuked our site as of yet. In fact, we nuked his site. I am aware he has no GSA rights, but give him free speech in the name of decency. Censorship is a way of saying we can’t handle criticism. Of course, you could make the argument that those comments are useless and stink up the site, but let’s not become like Assassins or Cyclix.

  1. I thought you wanted an honorable war? xD lol
    I guess not.

    So instead, you are so angry that you aim to interfere with the non-PB2 side of our lives. I get that PB2 is probably 90% of your life, but for us it’s much, much less than that. Have mercy. 😦

  2. Blackbird, I don’t understand what you define as “honourable”, but I do know what I define as honourable.

    It has nothing to do with “hacks” which are really just virus links you can get by copy pasting off of some website.

      1. Sure, any GSA would believe that if for one:they didnt know the whole story on the clan, or two: that you guys didnt even win because you were scared to fight them. Come on Pzk, tell your recruits the whole story.

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