Evaluation of Current Wars


We are engaged in five official wars right now, among the 100+ unofficial wars with random noob clans on PB2.  That being said, the clans we are warring aren’t exactly pros…

Upper HeavenThis is by far the strongest enemy we have, with two very experienced leaders.  Jason is a good player, disciplined leader, and a good mapmaker (and actually makes bases!) but most of the rest of his clan is full of sheep that like to worship Jason. We’ve already been extremely successful in killing and nuking their members and bases.

Threat Level: Moderate

MMC: Very weak in general, with little cohesive structure.  One of the only active members on both website and game, leader Blackbird, is very committed but also very immature, arrogant, and overconfident.

Threat Level: Close to NONE

SET: Is in very close collaboration with AOOA and JKL, and does have a few formidable players although is not too active on website and chat.  They are in a different time zone, so we will seldom clash.

Threat Level: Very Little

AOOA: Essentially a puppet clan of SET, and is not very active and on a different time zone.

Threat Level: Close to NONE

JKL: More active than AOOA, and is in very close association with SET and AOOA.  Some of the leaders are decent players, like Kura, but others like that 8-year-old leader are very immature.  All 3 clans (JKL/AOOA/SET) thrive on misconceptions of GSA and carries a false sense of power.  Because they are more involved than the other few, I give them a threat level of:

Threat Level: Somewhat Threatening (but not very)


25 thoughts on “Evaluation of Current Wars

      1. I think I clarified myself already. Every little thing I said about you in the above post were results of YOUR words. If you want me to believe otherwise, then you have to change your current behavior, seriously.

      1. Ever heard of that clan called GSA? Im pretty sure Jason founded that.
        Seriously, i wouldnt underestimate him. However, UH is still in its begining stages, whereas GSA has had years to develop.
        Not to mention, hes recruiting modern players, which are mostly dumb noobs. XD

      2. Lmao jeep.
        Pzk, he didnt originally found GSA, but, he did bring it to Pb2 and lead it for quite some time.

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