Just a glance

I was going through the members list today after I updated it after a good promo test and I noticed we have NO generals whatsoever. Now this isn’t a pressing issue but I do think the rank needs to be populated by at least two people.

Now here’s where the FG need to give me their opinion.

I propose that we randomly select four candidates(I’ve got a list right now of active ones) and we put up a vote.

The vote will be open three days and the two candidates with the highest votes(first highest and second highest) are given the rank of general.



[NighthawkTheValiant]:+1 But only if they are worthy.

[Bravo]: –1 I want someone that can represent us in pb2 as the General classification is underneath the military group. They have to be good at pb2, and I the votes will be based off of favoritism. Plus, regardless, there are more than 2 empty slots (also Sniper is a ltGen or something)

[Rinzler]: Bravo bear in mind the candidates will be shortlisted based on three things:

1) PB2 activity.

2) Chat Activity.

3) Their attitude and ability to lead.

The criteria are to prevent inactive or power grabbers from taking the slots. So that inflating them won’t have to be done beyond this.



9 thoughts on “Just a glance

  1. I’m still put as inactive, and not in the Arch group. Someone fix this please.

    Also, – (I’m totallly FG)
    Aren’t FG supposed to choose a MjrGen that they think are ready, and promo test them to get Gen?

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