Some Maps of Mine

‘Ello everyone!

Sniper here, with a post about my maps and the GSA map making contest.

This isn’t a submission to the contest, as I want to do some testing with all my maps in the PB2 community, to see how they hold.

First off, I made a bunch of new bases for GSA, each with their own purpose.

GSA Spire. Recruitment and Training base:

ID:  o_sniper_o-gsa_base

The Spire is meant for recruitment of new members and training them as well. The Spire’s main feature is its customizable arena. The Training Arena is located behind the Cafe underground at the very right of the base. It has several terrain options (I might put in some new ones). You can clone a customizable enemy and a sniper using the defib to spawn them at your cursor’s location. The arena allows other members to view someone fighting the clones, or join them and offer advice.

GSA Basic. A basic and terrible base:

ID: o_sniper_o-gsa_basic

This base was made because Jonb kept telling me AJ wanted something easy to operate and basic.

Seriously, this thing is terrible. It has one giant door and some chairs. Although very secure, and very easy to operate, its boring.

GSA Hezen. Leisure Space Station:


ID: o_sniper_o-gsa_hezen

The Hezen space station was not built with a specific purpose. The Hezen Space Station also has a Training Arena like Spire, but not as grand as the Spire’s. You cannot customize the enemies or terrain but can still spawn them at your cursors location. It is located behind the firing range and above the Cafe. Hezen has a secret teleport that you can ask me for the location. It leads you next to the barracks in a small pool of water. Below the barracks and firing range is the FG meeting room. It has chairs for the President, the Vice, CL. and other FG members (and of course my lawn chair). Until the UH clan figure it out, you can troll them with this map as well.

GSA Jection. A Military base:

ID: o_sniper_o-gsa_jection

Jection is meant to punish and defend against enemy clans. To enter the Jection Military Base, you must first pass through a large gate, and you will be locked in a small area between that gate, and two other smaller doors entering the base. From there a GSA member can kill you using a small missile, or shooting you through the glass. In between the two smaller gates you can be teleported to the prison, or killed using lasers. Above the entrance there is a window that can be moved to exit the base, or you can take the transporter above that.At the very top of the base the God can change zoom, and enable or disable the Jammer (credits to Jonb for letting me put that in the base)

Outside the base there is a gun that does not fire. Mainly to troll enemy clans and other trolls.

Currently I am working on another base. GSA Huron (he-ur-on)

I have just finished a new Capture the Flag system and have built a map around it.


I am also working on building a map around the Domination (or Capture the Point) system.

The CTF map needs testing, so you are free to play it in MP (Multiplayer) and can tell me what needs to be fixed or improved.

I am also working on a new map series for new GSA recruits, if you wish to demo the map, just ask me and I can publish it for a little while.



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