Aj’s law breaking.

Are we SURE we want to support Aj? Because I don’t.

Nick issued the order to raid any UH base and show them the might of GSA. The raid was against UH and their supporters, no law has been broken.

Edit by ajbenius: Why was Banana’s edit removed?  I restored it.

Hey banana, there’s this thing called commenting. And no, It wasn’t a UH base, it was a base that UH members just so happened to be in. So yeah, learn what happened before trying to call me out on something. Oh and, ever heard of a comment? And don’t f***in scratch out my words.


35 thoughts on “Aj’s law breaking.

      1. Funny how you have a pic of Jonb using the word “fagit”.

        And also, so what if I’m god? I was very controlled and only went for that Upper Heaven guy. I even said so but it wasn’t convenient for you to screenshot that.

        1. Why does it matter if he says fagit?

          I wasn’t in that map so I couldn’t verify anything, and I had enough stuff

      2. Breaks law 1.

        So you admit that you can’t verify everything…
        and you still make the claim that I broke a law despite:
        45. You may attack people that have a weapon on them that appears threatening to you. Weapons include both guns and swords. This basically means that this person falls outside of PB2 civilian definition.

        This hasn’t been revised for a very long time.

        1. I can verify what I said I can verify. lol xD You did all the talking not me. I was in the first map with you at some point, the second one I wasn’t.

        1. *can’t stop laughing* I’d love to see that actually.

          Yeah they had guns, that doesn’t mean they were being threatening. As is shown in the screenshots, had you read them.

        1. … not even in the slightest

          Standing on your head pointing a shotgun at you screaming “KNEEEEL” is threatening, not walking around with a gun.

      3. Jeepdino what is threatening is determined by the person on the receiving end. If you looked at the scoreboard, you would’ve seen that I had accumulated a lot of deaths. These guys weren’t innocent little civies.

  1. 2 Things:
    1) What Aj did technically wasn’t spam, it was flood. Not really even flood, since his messages were justified.
    2) I feel like there is a lack of information on Jeepdino’s part and some accusations are made on speculations based on what Aj said, not of actual evidence. I also feel like there is some cherry picking going on.

    Please, take this seriously. We don’t need inflammatory posts such as these. If you have an issue such as this, which would warrant a warning, please figure it out amongst yourselves. It has been proven many times that conflict between the higher ranks causes doubt and instability in lower ones.

    1. Besides, the only reason that law was created was because at the time anti-GSA spokespersons liked to state that their reason for hating GSA was because of our civilian murder. That law was put in place to counter-act that claim.

      Nowadays, aggressors place their hate on our past with Jason or their own past in GSA. It’s not a very relevant law anymore, but it makes us look better.

  2. I find this accusation dumb since pb2 people have two things on their mind(with exceptions of a few)
    1) Guns
    2) Sex(going prone more than coitus).
    Now when they were killing aj it was all fine.
    When aj killed they they begged for him to stop because they wanted him to offer the mercy they had not given him.
    So could we please all drop this based on the conclusion that arguing with aj based on IDIOTS from pb2 is simply not bloody worth it?

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