Hey uh, can we get rid of Law 32? It’s just absolutely ****ing ridiculous, freedom of speech and all (maybe nobody will vote ‘+’ I don’t know it’s worth a shot) so let’s vote!

DISCLAMER—Also, another ridiculous aspect… YOU ARE ALLOWED TO ASK OTHERS TO ASK OTHERS TO VOTE FOR YOU! That’s just stupid.



Someone please put fancy colors and stuff pls thanks

[Jeep] For those of you that don’t know:

32. Candidates running for any position within the Government cannot ask members for their vote specifically or personally. Neither can any member be individually pressured to vote or vote a certain way on any public vote. (P: 1st degree, removed from election.)


24 thoughts on “WELL HERE GOES NOTHIN’! (VOTE)

  1. —————
    You have my opinion as HELL NO!


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