My life on a daily basis.


-Nickmanwanoh wannnnnnn 


7 thoughts on “My life on a daily basis.

    1. public class Robanske_Proj27 { public static void main(String[] args) { Needlerepeat(); //Calls in the Needlerepeat method which creates 4 println statements of “||” to make the needle at the top. Toporbase(); //Calls in the Toporbase method which creates the top of the Space Needle top floor, which is identical to the base. Bottom(); //Calls in the bottom part of the top floor of the space needle. Needlerepeat(); //Repeats the 4 lines of || using the same method again. Neck(); //Creates the section from the base to the Needlerepeat method to create 16 lines of |%%||%%|. Toporbase(); //Calls in the Toporbase method again to create the base of the Space Needle. } public static void Toporbase() { System.out.println(” __/||\\__”); System.out.println(” __/:::||:::\\__”); System.out.println(” __/::::::||::::::\\__”); System.out.println(“__/:::::::::||:::::::::\\__”); System.out.println(“|\”\”\”\”\”\”\”\”\”\”\”\”\”\”\”\”\”\”\”\”\”\”\”\”|”); } public static void Bottom() { System.out.println(“\\_/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\_/”); System.out.println(” \\_/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\_/”); System.out.println(” \\_/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\_/”); System.out.println(” \\_/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\_/”); } public static void Needlerepeat() { for (int needle = 1; needle <= 4; needle++) { System.out.println(" || "); } } public static void Neck() { for (int neck = 1; neck <= 16; neck++) { System.out.println(" |%%||%%|"); } } }

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