GSA’s Superweapon to kill PMC??????? xD

This guy from PMC started pcing me and then he said that we wouldn’t beat his clan and that project hammer wouldn’t work, here’s the conversation:

1 2 3

LOL! He has no idea hahahaha



This guy is a gold mine! xD


23 thoughts on “GSA’s Superweapon to kill PMC??????? xD

  1. LMFAO.
    I actually made a point of being rude and not telling him “Everything” by saying: “Youll find out when its combat ready. c:< "

    But in seriousness, Project Hammer is getting along nicely, and im soon going to be working on the final version which will involve some really epic improvements.

  2. Uh what the fuck is [Removed in the interest of national security.] and why wasn’t I informed?
    [Jonb7]:Hue Hue Hue.

      1. I always get told classified information Inferno. you have no idea how things work between me and these projects.

      2. Lmao superk, you only get told about classified projects that YOU know about. You dont even know about the ones your not told about…

  3. You say that as if you have alot of “Map making” experience. (SMIRK)
    (Yes, i just turned your own insult against you.)

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