I was thinking about the UH situation and how it lead to war. And it hit me that there really isn’t a law that gives anyone the power to declare war. Its mostly been popular opinion or the CL that decide on the matter. So here it goes.

New Law:

51. The power to declare war is solely vested in the Founders Group. An FG vote will be taken in which all FG members must vote on whether to declare war or not. But before such a vote is put forth, a popular opinion poll will be initiated for regular members.

Reason: I believe that such an important power should be an FG responsibility but at the same time I want regular members to have a chance to voice their opinions before a final vote is cast from the FG. This way there isn’t mob rule and instead war is declared or not by fair and like minded individuals who have heard the positions of regular members.



[Nickman101:] Check your laws before doing something like this please: http://prntscr.com/4na692

[Eagle613]: Oh mein Gott, ich wusste nicht, dass

[Jeep] Alright, I know derp talk, and even this confuses me ^


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