Jon is abusing?

Bill/Mustang brought this to my attention today saying that Jon had given him member on chat with the reason “That he did nothing with it.” Now this statement is flawed for two reasons:

1) He can’t use his mod authorities if THERE IS NO-ONE TO USE IT ON.

2) There are plenty of mods who do nothing with mod powers but still have it, why? I don’t know. But if you feel this way about one person then apply it to everyone.

I propose an investigation into this and demand an explanation from the current President. Perhaps a revision of chat ranks is required and a list of updated regulations.



6 thoughts on “Jon is abusing?

  1. The reason was that we should start revising chat ranks, as you said. We even made a post about only having mods that contribute, though we havnt done much about it yet.

    We especially dont need mods who frequently break chat rules. (*cough* Rules 3 and 4.)

  2. Well if there’s no actual reason apart from that, just give Bill his mod back. We need to form a list of the contributing mods before we take “individual” action.

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