Head Diplomat

Because we are always looking out for new allies to build relationships with that will hopefully be beneficial to our clans and the clans of others, it is inefficient to expect them to always come to us to start an alliance, and we should be more actively searching for clans to ally with. Therefore, I am creating a new rank called Head Ambassador, who’s purpose will be to be our GSA Ambassador to other clans, and whose duty is to seek and establish friendly relations with other clans. I will expand on the diplomatic core if need be, but for now, Pr0glitcher has volunteered and is now our new Head Ambassador.



19 thoughts on “Head Diplomat

    1. Give him a chance. He may be a better diplomat than you are.

      Plus, he may be able to use correct grammar, something most of GSA doesn’t do.

    1. It is part of an Executive branch atm because I fail to see the reason to create a new branch of government just for the Diplomatic Core. Almost every nation has ambassadors, and though one of the U.S. Presidents most important roles is to be an ambassador at times, more official and practiced ones are used for diplomatic relations quite often.

  1. I agree with burning storm the new “Head Ambassador” is going to bring in his own views and it will be his first impression that’s enacted on the new clan, I’m sure that sending one of our FG members or President will be sufficient… We don’t need a “Head Ambassador”

    1. The purpose of this “Head Ambassador,” would be to handle any requests from allies by reporting them to the FG, he/she can create new alliances with other clans, but every one of his/her moves will be reported to by the FG.

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