A Moment of Silence.

Let us have a moment of silence in respect to all of those who were taken in the attacks on this day, families, loved ones, and friends. Let us know that though it was the twin towers who fell today in history, it gave arise to a new sense of nationality, and an awakening to see the true evils that exist in the world. I would also like to note the people of flight 77, often forgotten on this day, the ones that were brave enough to rise up against those who commandeered their flight,  sacrificing themselves before their plane could run into the pentagon, no matter the cost of life and limb. It takes true courage and patriotism to do such a thing, and they should never be forgotten to that. If not for them, many more people may have died on that day.



18 thoughts on “A Moment of Silence.

      1. 2 things

        1. Eagle never even made that point

        2. touchscreen keyboards make no noise – also, you missed completely the point of having a moment of silence. the point is not to talk, using your words. it’s not like when there’s a moment of silence the wind stops blowing or the floor stops creaking. typing is a minor sound just like those.

  1. May God bless the souls of the innocent passengers and people that were in those buildings. And may he also bless the souls of our fallen troops that died overseas protecting our freedom.

  2. Well we are now rebuilding, with 1WTC, 2WTC, 3WTC, 4WTC and so on. 1WTC will open completely next year, 4WTC is also almost complete. 3WTC recently resumed contruction and will hopefully be completed in 2018. 2WTC is on hold, but hopefully we will get it by 2020. 5WTC is stalled, so nobody knows what’s going to happen with it. The WTC Transportation Hub is also well under construction and is shaping up well. Go ‘Murica!

      1. China is beating us in the skyscraper competition because they use
        1. very cheap labor
        2. less stringent standards for construction, safety
        3. non-existent real unions with power
        4. huge government support for this type of construction
        5. little opposition to be voiced by locals

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