Map Making Contest [UPDATED!]

Whoever makes the GREAT, NEW GSA base map will be promoted one rank unless your rank is very high.


1. You can’t use a map that was already there (create it from scratch or continue an under construction base).

2. The map ID must be author name-something with GSA in it

3. There must be at least 2 use buttons, that when activated, will give information on how to join GSA (Go to, fill out registration form, etc.)

4. There should not be an easy way to spawn in, like on ph3x-base or alexwang32-gmb, but entrance shouldn’t be as complicated as Upper Heaven’s main base.

5. Weapons should be limited to 1-6 only.  Please limit gun modding, because I don’t want crazy explosions or super fast bullets everywhere.

6. The rest of it is up to you, but make sure it has a chance of becoming popular.



Update: Aj, I’m taking over your post a little bit.

OK, once all the competitors complete their maps and Aj decides to start it, a new post will be made with the voting for this competition.


Current competitors are:






Shenko- not in GSA but very kindly donated a base (shenko-fort)

Note: If you would like to participate in this competition, leave a comment.

Note: its not necessary to include the ID until the voting post.

Good luck, and may the best Forger win~

Monitor 02



48 thoughts on “Map Making Contest [UPDATED!]

  1. Yo I’m entering.

    My map will include the following:
    Non-GSA seeking turret
    Controllable turret
    Master key
    Ghost Tech
    Training Arena

    For further details on these new systems contact me on chat.

    [Jonb7-Edit]: The first 2 are impossible without being ridiculous in a number of ways. XD
    Also, Aj wants a simple to operate base. 😛

    1. Turns out the Ghost Tech broke with the updates, so the Non-GSA seeking Turret doesn’t work, but the AI clone still shoots and it can be controlled.
      The Master Key is function able and I am currently starting work the training arena, the crown jewel of the base.

  2. May I ask that anyone who makes a base map has some type of training grounds along with it? So that you can actually see how well the player you are recruiting is? I really don’t wanna recruit some random person on a base map with a high kd, only to find out they earned it by camping…

  3. I would like to enter this map in the contest weaponx22-gsabase. Please check it out and tell me what could be improved.Thank you


    1. I hope his comment wasn’t actually edited. I hated censorship in Assassins and Cyclix, and I hope we don’t start doing that as well. Actually, this would make for a nice law.. some regulations and rules would be put in place first though.

  4. Hello there! Some of you may know my brother, Areios. And it has come to my attention that he wasn’t so nice when it came to chat. And you may not know, he was using all my accounts (including xbox) so I’d like to be unbanned on GSA chat. Thank you!

    1. Not exactly the correct place to comment, but anyways. Not exactly sure i believe you about areios being your brother. XD

    2. Well no I didn’t do away with him. But i said was because he isnt going to be on my accounts and i was just letting everyone know that he is my brother.

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