Jeep’s Chat Abuse

Hey guys, Pzk here. I think most people know that Jeep has, for a while, been abusing his Main Owner rank in GSA chat. While today’s infractions were not all that serious, I think that his evasion of the law has to be put to a stop – once and for all. We can’t make exceptions in GSA law solely because of rank or status. Here is my evidence for the conviction of Jeepdino:

jeep1 jeep2

Sorry for the pictures being blurry. As you can see, Jeep did not abide by the punishments for GSA members, and did in fact abuse his chat powers.

Here’s another of him:


He’s basically gloating about how what he does isn’t going to receive that much punishment.



We should do something about this +: 8

The regular punishment should be administered or I don’t care -: 2

For someone who claims to be the oldest GSA member, you should know that we don’t decide if a member is guilty or innocent through a vote. I’ll judge. It’s gonna be a pain to ban a main owner for a day because ill have to reset the chat. -Nickman101

Pzk: It doesn’t matter how long he’s been in GSA. Chat abuse shouldn’t be tolerated anyway. Exceptions shouldn’t be made because of seniority or favoritism. And we’re not deciding whether or not his is innocent or guilty. We know he’s guilty of chat abuse, and we know that banning him won’t change anything. I even added in a picture where he’s gloating about his banning punishment. No, I know that banning won’t fix anything. I’m talking about a possible demotion from Supreme.


1.The “oldest GSA member” thing was directed at you I think.

2. Right, is this even over the Nighthawk thing or the Superkiller thing? The Superkiller thing was making him shut up about abuse, but it was also an example to show that “That wasn’t abuse, this would be”. If I was trying to abuse I’d have left him banned.

3. I wasn’t gloating, I was stating the most likely thing to happen that has been shown in the past.

[Nickman101:] Directed at you “I think?” Cmon guys theres this crazy thing called eyes that I think we posses, I think that in this situation we could use them to solve this mystery.

[Eagle613]: Technically this vote is illegal. We don’t choose punishments with votes. If you wanna be serious and in line with the set laws then talk to Nickman and start a formal trial. Otherwise I’m declaring this vote Null and Void. It can be considered an opinion poll pretty much now.

[Nickman101:] This vote is illegal, and if you want to do more then have him banned from the chat temporarily, (Anywhere from 1 minute to 600 days to whenever), then you have to find laws that he broke that hold a stronger punishment.



49 thoughts on “Jeep’s Chat Abuse

  1. THERE it is. Took you forever to make this thing.

    Anyway, I love how you showed it not being started, OR how it ended.

    This started because I was trying to get Nighthawk’s attention because he was afk, so I did the quick guest/re-owner thing, ya know, the same thing Aj did to Nighthawk and no-one really cared?

    Then y’all started being pansies and crying abuse, so I said “No, this is abuse *ban*” Pzk: F***ckin abuse. Jeep: Goodness it’s an example, *unbans*

    *insert 30 minutes of Pzk arguing here*

      1. I didn’t see anyone flipping their crap when Aj guested Nighthawk for a second, how long did the crap with Kitteh and Jon abusing Aj go unpunished or unresolved? Heck, Jon never got punished.

  2. pzk said this wasnt a very serious version of abuse but that means he has abused before. this instance i have nothing wrong with but if its happened before it cant be ignored. i say no regular punishment +

      1. That’s called sexual language, which is against the law. k? It’s not abuse when it’s deserved, I wish you’d all learn that.

    1. you gotta vote dood. he aboosed me! ME! OF ALL PEOPLE! HE ABOOSED ME! *rants for an extra 30 minutes*

      1. You screamed abuse when there was no call for it, I simply said “No, this is abuse” and then unbanned you immediately after.

        1. Well you can partially blame the time for them giving me sh** for it. I was arguing with them then unbanned you. It was like 10 seconds tops.

      2. wotevr. Imma still be nice to you still. just, not as nice as before. you lost like, 10 respect points from that

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