Ok, so this recent Post Regulation thing has gotten on my nerves.

It’s not all of the regulations I dislike, it’s just this one. Here it is:

“3. All posts  should be relevant to GSA or PB2 related subjects”

Vote yay to remove it, vote nay to let it stay.

Yay | 3

Nay | 0

[NighthawkTheValiant]:I propose we keep the law but add to it. The addition would include entertainment posts such as the one Banana put up. This could potentially be split into two different ideas.One being that it involves 1 subject or two that it needs to involve more than 1 subject to be considered as entertainment such as Ismail’s meme posts.

[Eagle613]: Instead of voting out the whole clause, how about we negotiate and I can edit the law so that its more lenient on entertainment posts and such? I’ll get started on a post right now.

[Reaper]: I agree. Vote canceled


9 thoughts on “Law Vote [CANCELLED]

  1. Look, I think that the imposed vote wasn’t necessary. Eagle overcompensated with making the law – he was afraid GSA would turn into a personal blog for people. That wasn’t, and isn’t, going to happen soon. So I vote yes, but let’s try not to go overboard with irrelevant posts.

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