Craziest Battle In GSA History

This is a look at what Terror of PB2 will do!

1. This was not done on my main account, so GSA’s reputation was not hurt at all.

2. No real GSAs were killed.

3. Almost everybody was armed, whether with swords or guns.

4. There were numerous other spree shooters, and I also had to fight them.  That’s why I had so many deaths.

5. Terror of PB2 will do its missions with similar carefulness.


14 thoughts on “Craziest Battle In GSA History

    2. Your point? You seem to be the only GSA there.
    3. That doesn’t matter if they weren’t attacking you.
    4. And?
    5. *facepalm*
    6. “Craziest battle”. You vs 2 guests? Teach me Senpai.

    1. Do the math please. I can’t get 207 kills off of 2 guests who had a total of 22 deaths. There were many people in the game but they started leaving eventually.

      1. It was because my spree restored the peace by beating back all the other spree shooters. So in PB2, if there’s peace, people get bored and leave.

    2. Also, I elaborated on point 3 with point 4. There were multiple other spree shooters. I had to defend myself against everybody, because they were armed and seemed to have problems controlling their tempers.

      1. There were various aggressors. Nobody was a true “civilian”. The dangerous spree shooters had already left the game by that point.

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