New Chat Law [PASSED]

I usually don’t put up my new laws for a public vote. But because Aj tried to pass a similar law and was ganged up on i decided it best for the GSA members to pass on the final judgment. So here it goes.

New Chat Law:

5. If a non-member on the chat addresses a GSA member or GSA as a whole in an insulting way he/she will be given a warning first. If they continue on doing so they will be subjected to guesting.

Yay | 6 vote(s)

Nay | 1 vote(s)

VOTE ENDS 9/3/14

[Nickman101:] You know why this is a bad thing? Because its redundant! I cant even get rid of it because its a vote now! Eagle you should have just not made it a vote then it wouldn’t be a pain to get rid of xD

[Eagle613]: Well my law is pretty much a more detailed summarization of those two laws on the screenshot.



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