New Law!

50. It is now MANDATORY for ALL GSA members to raid EVERY map on Plazma Burst 2 that they go on.  During the raid, he or she must kill at least 100 CIVILIANS before NUKING the map.

 [Nickman101:] I agree.







No, I’m just kidding.

New chat law:

Extra rules for GSA Members ONLY:

4. People in two or more tensioned clans will be considered to be enemies.  So if there are such people on the chat, GSA members must guest-ban them.


14 thoughts on “New Law!

  1. So, I disagree with this law.

    After talking with some anonymous advisors I have, We have come to the conclusion that this law is overall a lazy one.

    This law ruins is for the lucky 30% we have that actually like GSA who are in those tensioned clans, to keep them out would slowly make them dislike us, causing some bad thing to happen. So, here’s the plan:

    We keep the ones we usually keep on chat, and when people who are hostile get on chat, we kick them out. Slowly making it so the only ones left are the ones that like us.

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