Suggestion Page + Alternative Promo Option

It’s been boiling under the surface for a little while now, but I’ve noticed that a lot of GSA members feel as though they are not receiving proper representation from their government or that they feel as though their voices are not being heard. Although GSA boasts a very successful democratic process and we take pride in all the rights that we are granted as GSA members, some may still feel that they want a greater say.

Now, a few would like to see a senate or council body created where members can get elected and have a chance to vote on stuff. But in reality, this idea has been implemented numerous times and each and every time it has failed us. So instead small body of people voting on things, I came up with the idea of a suggestion page.

This page would act like a small “council” where regular members can impute suggestions on a variety of things which affect them as GSA member in which then an FG member can decide if it is reasonable and we can hold a vote on it. This will ensure that anyone who wants their voice heard, and anyone willing to try to make an impact has a chance to do so.

We must never stray afar from our democratic ideals. Unlike other clans we value the rights and processes we have put up over the years. And I immensely hope that this will help us move even closer to that more perfect democracy.

Please post all questions or concerns in the comments. And let me know what you guys think. Thanks.


Sorry to intrude on this post, but I felt it was best to avoid a cluster of new and exciting proposals.

Anyways, we all know that we play different games and what not other than PB2. However, we do not gain much from it in terms of GSA wise. Therefore I propose we add a alternative promotion system to the table.Basically, this is how it will go:

PB2:Our old way of handing out promotion systems, this will stay the same.

Minecraft:This is a new one, basically you could get promoted[Only for low level ranks to mid level ranks] byadding to the GSA Server.This would include building stuff for the server[houses,GSA HQ,etc] in order to create a more creative GSA sort of atmosphere on the server.

SAS 4:This is another new one, basically it would sort of follow on the ranks but more elevated. For example, upon reaching level 20 you could become promoted to a Pvt, reaching 30 would allow for you to become promoted to Sgt, etc.This could only be used for low level ranks.

BsGO:The last new one, this would probably be based off the leveling system and be modeled after the SAS 4 thing as well. Basically, you just do missions and such with the other GSA and you can get promoted only for low level ranks.

Along with Eagle’s amazing idea, post your thoughts on this one as well.




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