Kitty incident closed

Ok, so I finally got somebody to tell me what laws kitty broke besides plainly lying about her status and location.

So apparently she did chat abuse.

We had an argument about her punishment. Aj, Nighthawk, and Pzk alone vs. me in the chat, it was bloody, but we came to a conclusion.

Kitty will be demoted only one rank to Brigadier general. A light sentence compared to what she could have faced. But if we were to dish out justice to every abuser, then <fill in the blank>


The Ajbenius Language:



8 thoughts on “Kitty incident closed

    1. 1. nobody forced her to leave
      2. I don’t know why people are treating a misinterpretation of mine as me firing her
      3. she took off her tag
      4. she said it was her last day to me once, so I assumed she was telling the truth

      1. 1. nobody actually forced her to leave, it’s a fact
        2. okay
        3. I didn’t demote her or fire her once again
        4. well then I guess she’s taking advantage of my trust

    1. Nick apparently tracked you to Texas from an older post. Im assuming it was from before you had Canadian internet. xD

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