Alright, it has come to my attention that some members, who were in others clans, moved to GSA and are being “harassed” by their old clan members.

Here are several examples of The Bored Pro insulting and putting down a new GSA member~


 COO Rinzler had no choice but to guest him on several cases of harassment, When Rinzler warned him and told him to stop, Bored “Pro” ignored him.

This problem needs to be stopped right away, for ALL members who have came from other clans because this is immature and complete bullshit.


10 thoughts on “Seriously?!

    1. Doesn’t matter if he thinks he didn’t or not, She felt harassed, her feelings were hurt, and she wanted him to stop, shes in GSA which involves us… Bored “pro” did not stop when asked to, She asked him to stop herself, from what I hear, and Rinzler warned him to as well, but he was ignored.. he kept doing it, so we had to act upon it

  1. Guys, no offense, but if you don’t know about her how can you know if she’s loyal or not? I’m sorry but I wouldn’t lie in some serious stuff like this… But as I said earlier, but one of your members didn’t listen to me ¬¬, you can believe it or not, that’s your problem, I just advised and Nitro did too some minutes ago, I bet she will leave sooner or later.

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