Rinzler got 4 FG members behind him and these members went to me personally and convinced me that Rinzler was the man for the job, for weeks. It got to the point that I couldn’t see the difference between Rinzler and Jesus Christ, so I slapped myself and added my support, making him the new COO to replace Bravo. Bravo isn’t out of the picture yet, but he’s been inactive for over a month and there were no laws regarding announcing an absence for over a month, therefore, if he does come back, we will cross that bridge when it come to it.

Congratulations Rinzler, on being the new COO!



2 thoughts on “New COO

  1. Thank you for the opportunity ^.^, however Tethys is still listed as COO as per the last revision, I don’t think we’d even need to touch bravo, just remove her name since she did fully retire if I am correct?

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