Kitteh Issue

AJ’s Former Post:

So people are coming up with various conclusions about how I dealt with this Kitteh thing…

Well I’ll start off with this.

Basically, Kitteh said she was going to Canada and I interpreted the post as a retirement message.  Considering how she got all these awards and everybody got all sad and stuff, this solidified my interpretation.  Then, she did some various chat abuses with the excuse that it was her last day.  So this made me sure that it was actually her last day as a GSA.

So anyway, I don’t recall myself firing her at a single point.  Nor do I recall holding a vote.  If you can find such vote, please show me.  Anyway, I did have a discussion with Nighthawk and Banana about her situation.  We came to the conclusion that she was using this gray area between being a member and not a member to take advantage of both- for example, her status let her not wear her tag, show little respect, etc.  Not that that matters too much, but other members wouldn’t be able to get away with that as easily.  So under our agreement, Banana demoted her to Rec.  Nighthawk also recently looked at her IP- it is possible that she never moved. 

I understand that you guys don’t like my old-fashioned GSA-F*CK YEAH type of governing, but you guys have to separate that from the matter at hand.  

Nick’s original post:

Using Kitty’s IP adress as recorded by 8/21/14 (which is past the time that she announced she was moving,) she appears to be a resident of Texas, not Canada, as she proclaimed. Kitty whats up :/


Nick’s original post:

So anyway, I heard there was some sort of FG vote without me to demote Kitty for claiming to have left for Canada but she didn’t actually leave for Canada, can we just clear this all up? Somebody write something on this post to fill in the blanks. Btw if you guys really need my you know my cell phone number. 

Also I will try and be more active, I just got bored for a while, and I am not the only one with this problem haha. Anyhow, this is why I have no right to be mad about not being told about this. 



10 thoughts on “Kitteh Issue

    1. The guy’s cuckoo, i’m not believing a word he says. and Jon and I are right Behemoth, you should Believe us instead of aj. Kitteh moved to canada, and it’s not like she could change her IP. that’s extremely hard to do

      1. Agreeing with superk here, Ajs just butthurt because we dont like him. xD
        And beh, we all wanted to abuse Aj, you know its true, lel.

  1. *clicks on post*

    *scrolls to bottom without reading other comments*

    Kitteh is innocent. Case closed.

    nao lets eet pie

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