GSA’s System

Hello everyone, Pzk here. For a long time I’ve been complaining to certain people about the condition of GSA’s governmental system. It’s about time I made an actual post of what I think about GSA.

1. Rank Corruption

It is my strong belief now that rank in this clan isn’t determined by usefulness. It’s determined by popularity and public or personal opinion. An example is Reaper2020’s instant promotion from Recruit to General. He had done absolutely nothing but was still promoted. He left shortly after without contributing anything to the GSA. Hopefully this new ranking system will clarify some problems that were found in the old one, and make more credible promotions possible. I still think, however, that some of the same corruption will happen to make GSA convenient for some people.

[Nickman101:] I do see your complaint about Reaper2020, and I think that you are right, a lot of the reason that I agreed with making him a General was because he was such a great guy and a part of the inner circle back in the day. However, keep in mind that he was an extremely experienced member of the GSA, and that his skills shouldn’t be wasted by putting him down as a recruit. However, he doesn’t deserve to be a General either, because that would be overstepping all of the progress our Generals and below have made and would be illogical as people can change in that hell of a long time. Perhaps we could make a law about rejoining members ranks. 

2. Democratic Fallacies

We are, as Nickman has said before, a democratic-republic. In a democratic-republic, representatives are elected by the populace to create or edit laws, and make decisions for the state. This is not the case in GSA. The FG is not elected by the people of GSA but are chosen by the clan leader, right now Nickman101. I am fine with this for the most part. The FG do not make ALL decisions and some can be overridden. It is a problem that we are called a democratic-republic though. My own belief for running a clan is not our system however. I believe that while a group may be the most capable to make decisions, the people should still have the choice to make. I know that a clan like this can’t rely on the entire population to make every single choice, and that a group is needed to make choices that don’t affect everybody though. That group needs to represent the populace of GSA, not the leader’s thoughts.

[Nickman101:] I respect your notions of democracy in this statement, but when you say that “some” can be overriden, you should have said “all” can be overriden, because that is the truth. Also, the FG and the people have voted in almost every single member of the FG, there are few FG that I promote myself, and of the very few that I do promote myself, I don’t choose people who represent my “thoughts,” I choose people who have been here long enough and worked hard enough and have the correct qualities to be a leader. What you are saying that we should improve here, is that we should have a sort of GSA Council. I created this sort of GSA Council, or Congress, or whatever, a long time ago back in 2011, and since then its been altered multiple times, until I decided to abolish it all. The reasons that I abolished the Council was because the reason that there are things such as Congress in real life Democracies, is because the people in a country don’t have time to look through everything that the entire nation is doing, therefore, they elect a much smaller group of people, that represent their interests, to vote and decide for them. The GSA isn’t big enough to need a council or congress, no clan is big enough to need a council or some sort of congress, because everybody has time to put out their thoughts and ideas of they want their thoughts and ideas out there, in an organized and controlled fashion, and because if we were to put a bunch of active members up as council members then it would take a lot of people.

If none of the above made sense (I sort of rambled,) then understand these facts:

-I have created a council before, and it failed.

-It failed because the members of the council were not active on every single vote

-It failed because few people wanted to be members of the council

-It failed because the general members were annoyed that only the council members could vote on issues

-A council of only a few members do not represent the opinions of the members better then the members themselves

However, I think I agree more with you on this problem with the FG.

Therefore, from now on, the members of the Founder Group will be elected by the GSA populous.

3. Our Status As a Functioning Clan

Raze made a post recently about them disregarding us as a clan. While I don’t really give a shit what Raze has to say, I still think that a solid number of people read their posts. It bothers me that people get this type of propaganda all over PB2. I do think that that post made a point, in a way. We are a clan, but we aren’t exactly a uniformed one. I do believe that a clan can have separate colonies, and not every member has to be in each colony, but our colonies right now aren’t very structured. These problems were addressed in previous posts about our MC colony. It’s been a while since we announced our departure of PB2. It’s really about time that anyone who could play PB2 get on board with games like SAS4, which are free. I understand that members of GSA are playing together in several games, but it is my knowledge that they are playing as friends, not as a unit in a clan. I think this needs to change.

Anyway that’s about it. Keep in mind some of this may be subject to change due to ignorance of certain facts or unclearness of mind.

[Nickman101:] Yeah…  This is a big issue and it’s going to be a hard one to fix, and I think it all ties back to one concept, the ranking system. IT is fucked up, and we don’t know who’s what rank unless we know the person. I mean, someday one of our members, a Lt. who never comes in chat or never does anything, could sometime decide he wants to go in chat, and then get put as a recruit because nobody knows who the hell he is because he isn’t listed, or maybe someday someone can pose as a Lt., go in chat claiming that he signed up once and took promotion tests from people but never showed face chat or site, and get accepted. If we can get this stuff organised, then I can guarantee that we can fix this issue.

Matter of fact, ive got sort of a crazy idea that would fix the idea but everybody would hate, (a member talked to me about this in-chat.) This idea is that we should just reset all the ranks and clean house and start from scratch, getting everybody’s names down.

P.S: Please please please comment if you have anything to say about this post (you think I’m batshit insane; I’m right; etc. etc.)

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10 thoughts on “GSA’s System

  1. I’m not in GSA and I don’t know much, but from observations I have noticed ranking is practically based on popularity and that is just wrong. The clan should think about usefulness first, skill second, and popularity and the personal beliefs should come last if at all.

  2. To be honest with all of you, I like playing games with my friends in the clan, not like a unit, but as a friend. It’s more fun when you play for fun and not for sport. Like how Jon and I play Warmerise, I don’t know about you, but I laugh my ass off everytime I play with him on there. The craziest stuff happens in public servers on that game. It makes being in this clan fun. We aren’t as serious as BOA, and we sure as hell aren’t as organized, militaristically speaking in-game, as Cyclix, but we sure know how to have a blast together. I kind of regret voting against Nick’s vote to take away all the ranks and become a community clan.

    1. I’m not telling you to take the fun away, or that you have to cut out all personal relationship and just be acquaintances. I think that people can still have fun together inside a colony, but representing GSA all through it. If we want to be a solid and credible clan, we might have to know a little bit more than having a blast together.

  3. I agree with alot of this.
    Though the thing about the FG is quite interesting, its not democratic, but its funny because no one cares, all the FG are good.*coughexceptajcough* However, there should be a system so that the FG ccan be changed if the public sees them unfit, or if the public thinks that someone would be better. However this does make the popularity thing more of a problem. Theres really no perfect system.

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