USA Alliance + Term Announcement

Hello everyone, Pzk here. I recently received a request from a leader of USA (the United Sniper Assassins) to become allied. They won’t be holding a vote but we will be. So let’s all just quickly vote on this because I’m only letting it run for one day. Their site is right here. They aren’t allied to any of our enemies, so they’re pretty chill.

+ Votes =7

– Votes =

Anyway I didn’t want to make two posts so I’m just adding this in. My term ends pretty soon (I think 5 or 4 days) so we better be thinking about elections again. Just a reminder you know.




10 thoughts on “USA Alliance + Term Announcement

  1. Pzk, why cant all these clans just fill out the alliance form like everyone else?
    Also, do they even fit the requirements?

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