So whats up with EKAT [RESOLVED!]

Original Post:

I heard we weren’t at great relations with them for some reason.



EKAT is virtually dead. Like Buzzard said himself in his post ( ) EKAT is basically a chat clan. That's what's up with EKAT.

24 thoughts on “So whats up with EKAT [RESOLVED!]

    1. @Bill Multiple threats and plus leaders and members that have gone against GSA many times and are not to be trusted.

    2. AJ is right.
      and, @Buzz Thats exactly my point, why name your self after a clan if your not going to be related to it AT ALL?

    3. threats mean nothing. we get so many threats from other clans that aren’t as well known and we dont care. and they went against gsa BEFORE @ajbenius, doesn’t say anything about now

    4. Bill, by before I don’t just mean during the earlier EKAT war. This also includes the Cyclix war and the continuing Raze wars. Do you really think these people suddenly became all friendly and stuff?

    5. so what all you anti-ekat guys are saying is that your scared of ekat, but why, since gsa it “the strongest clan in pb2.” no reason to be worried and i think that ekat doesnt have plans to attack gsa

    6. Legenda, I did not ask for your immaturity. Or it isn’t about your aids

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