Assassins an Ally!

Hello everyone, Pzk here. iDemonix, the leader of Assassins, told me he was thinking of making an alliance with us. I thought this was a good idea, so now you can vote on whether or not you want it to happen. Vote + or – in the comments section. If it doesn’t pass, we’ll just keep them neutral.

Keep in mind that Assn$ is now a changed clan, since its ownership under UrkillerV is now broken. Making an alliance with this clan wouldn’t really affect our standings with BOA.

Voting Passed!

+ VOTES=10


Voting Regulations: Anyone in GSA can vote on this post. The vote may not pass, however, since Assn$ will be doing a parallel vote on the same matter.



22 thoughts on “Assassins an Ally!

      1. Can you chill? The vote choices are weird. That’s what the “what” was for. As long as your president I don’t care what votes you put forth unless they really don’t benefit GSA. So tone it down a little and chill

  1. Did an FG approve this? Law 28 states that any alliance made between GSA has to be approved by an FG. If this wasn’t approved, I Herby approve it as of now.

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