Architects guild status

So, i havent worked on the architects page, and i really need to finish it since its completely gone now almost… Ill be starting tomorrow, and try to finish it before i complete the Derelict prologues.

So, since no one really knows about it, ill give a run down of what im actually doing, and why it takes so long.

Im making the architects page as good as it can be, it will be organized, and easy to find maps, so, heres what i have to do to ensure that:

I have to play and review EVERY map, to check which category it goes in, and to make sure it is high quality enough for our (new!) standards.

I have to keep them in alphabetical order. (Which i organized them in with some software)

And lastly, i have to determine which are the best and most well known to highlight.

signature 01

Edit: I suddenly cant edit the page. Halp.


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