I love you guys

Thanks to all GSA who stayed through thick and thin.



20 thoughts on “I love you guys

  1. It seems now there are very few GSA from more than a year ago still around. Those of us that have been around that long are a close group now. Im proud to be a part of it.

      1. Ive been around a little over a year. Also, were you around in the SWBF era? >_>
        Also, double comment. xp

      1. Once again bill, i REALLY doubt youve been here that long. If you were, you joined for 1 day and went inactive until recently…

    1. and again your wrong. i was around for a year. then i went inactive for 3 months cuz of family matters. i came back and i made myself rec to not raise
      questions and now im here. i REALLY want my gen rank back doe

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