Vote on New COO?

We may be soon getting a new COO!  The vote will be on whether Superkiller85 should become a COO or not.  Nighthawk’s position will not change, so this will not displace anybody else’s position.

VOTE ENDS ON 8/9/14 6:00PM ET

Yes (+): 4

No (-): 6


votes edited by Pzk as ismail’s vote was for himself..

[Eagle613]: This is supposed to be an FG vote. So NEIN!

[Pzk]: I don’t think so, AJ made a pretty solid argument. Take this up with Nickman if it’s a problem.

[Eagle613]: I beg to differ. I know the laws. And just to make sure, I asked Nick and he said I was correct. So how about you don’t mess with my edits again  ._.

[Pzk]: I didn’t “mess” with your edits – I didn’t remove any strikethroughs or anything. I just acknowledged the fact that either the FG or the populace can vote for a new COO, since the COO is not technically a member of the FG. I felt that this particular issue required clarification since it was important. I’m glad that you spoke to Nickman about this and that a solution was chosen. Just try not to be so uppity about it next time.


26 thoughts on “Vote on New COO?

    1. COO isn’t considered as part of the regular founder group. It’s actually lower than marshall. So that’s why.

    2. Also, it says on the FG page:

      ” These men have been handpicked by the CL or elected by the GSA populous for:”

      So that means this can be done by popular vote.

  1. Um no offense Killer, though you came back I still don’t support you for ever leaving GSA. After doing that, you became a Recruit so I dunno why ya suddenly get COO when there are others who’s loyalty haven’t wavered at all for GSA.

    1. And that means what exactly? just because I left immediatly means im instantly not allowed anything? that’s like saying the Eagle and Banana aren’t allowed to be in GSA anymore because they partook in Alexwang’s little revolt. and that everyone in GSA should be kicked out for rebelling against Jason, and that Nick should be public enemy number 1 for everyone because he successfully took over GSA. Me leaving doesn’t mean shit, I’ve been here far longer then most people. You need to start learning that just because someone leaves it shouldn’t make them instantly vilified by everyone else.

      1. At least when Eagle tried to assume he knew what I meant, with one of my comments I posted, it was an honest reasonable mistake. This whole paragraph you wrote was written with the mind of someone acting like a fool at the time. Please SuperKiller, explain to me where the fuck I said you couldn’t partake in ANYTHING? Maybe I need glasses or your just acting plain stupid, when you find the part I said that, PLEASE DO TELL ME. And honestly who cares how long you’ve been here? All that time and you still don’t get the meaning of an extremely simple comment written by another GSA member. 😀 Time in GSA doesn’t put YOU above anyone else for COO, because others can be better suited for it and as proven here it sure as hell doesn’t give you any more experience in critically deciphering even the smallest of information. So now Killer you know what you should do? Sit there and think about this mistake you’ve made, and I mean CRITICALLY think about it before you create another useless paragraph.

  2. If one of our members is allowed a chance, I’d like to offer myself for the post as well. I think meet the requirements just as well as the others do. And have every right to do so in this case. Decline or accept is upto GSA.

    1. I left something to be a part of GSA, I’ve been loyal and helpful in whatever has been asked of me since then. I believe Nighthawk or Pzk could vouch for that. Nighthawk himself delegates maintaining chat order once he leaves to me. I can handle responsibility and above all I possess maturity.

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