Vote on the ban list.


Aj randomly made a whole crap ton of edits to the ban page. Putting people such as Tethy, Reaper, Monkey, and Eternal on the list. The last two are debatable, but not the first two. There’s no reason for them to be on such a list. I here-bye start a vote to revert the page to it’s previous form. If Aj wants to add more people then we can vote on them individually. But this is bull.

[Eagle613]: Okay, I agree Teth shouldn’t be on the list. But Reaper stays. You can’t let your friendship cloud your judgment. And thanks for following my f*cking post regulations Jeep (d)

 [Jeep] Don’t let your hatred cloud yours, what has Reaper even done? And why are all of our enemies on this list? This list should be reserved for people like Miranda and Satan.

[Eagle613]: Hatred? What has Reaper ever done?! Why are all our enemies on the list?! These are questions that shouldn’t be asked. The answers are obvious.

[Nickman101:] Ok, as I said on Aj’s post, I would like a written explanation of all the people on the list except Gigoto and Satan. If Aj can convince me that these people should not have another chance no matter what, then ill allow him to put them on the list. Putting people on this list means that there is no way that they could please the GSA or have a 2nd chance into joining this clan no matter what. I don’t believe that anybody except Satan and Gigoto have done so many bad things against the GSA that they deserve this distinction. Also, what the hell did Reaper do? Lets talk about this before we dishonor any more former members memories.

[Ajbenius]: So you don’t think Miranda/Miguel deserve to be forever knocked out of GSA?  Or the Cyclix leaders?  Most of the people on the list are very self explanatory.  Reaper betrayed GSA for EKAT back then, remember that?  He reset our chat and also took Xlr with him.

[Nickman101:] By that logic I should fire my entire FG including you, for rebelling against Jason. After all, I would say that trying to overthrow the past leader of the GSA and openly rebel in the clan is more then enough to get on this list by your standards. What did you say about Reaper? He left for EKAT and took some members. I would say that  openly rebelling and trying to overthrow the leader is a bit worse then leaving with a few members. 

Anyhow, I have looked over your list and your reasons for banning these members are unjust. Leaving the GSA with a few members does not compare to what Gigoto did, which was critically damage the GSA 5+ times, cause political turmoil, and initiate hacking attacks against the Founders Group members using Satan. 

However, I agree that a lot of these members on this list, should not be allowed into the GSA at this time. Note the AT THIS TIME part. People like Tikemaro shouldn’t be banned from the GSA forever, or Miranda, or Eternal10, or Sheep. For all we know, they could leave plazma burst 2, come back in a year wanting to socialize with friends they have in the GSA, but be denied entry because of this list. Putting people on this list is saying that they can’t have a 2nd chance, EVER. A great example of what I am talking about is: Shockywolf. He was the Grand Admiral of the GSA back in 2012 and one of my best friends. He later, became part of EKAT and then BOA, both enemy clans. However, I know Shocky as a friend, and he still is a friend, he even gave me tips on how to deal with Gigoto the last time he was here. This man has done the exact same thing as a lot of people on this banned list but he should be allowed to rejoin the GSA if he so wishes. 

Therefore, we will have two lists. The first list is for Permanently Banned Members, and this list will contain two names, Satan, and Gigoto. The second list is for Banned Members, (not permanently banned for all time,) and this list will contain no names at this time for a good reason. If you are going to put up members of enemy clans, leaders, and other notable members of enemy clans to the GSA at this time, then you might as well include the entire members list of Cyclix, the entire members list of EKAT, etc. THERE ARE ALREADY LAWS COVERING THIS! 

I quote Law 22: 22. Players from enemy/tensioned clans may not join the GSA, and members of the GSA may not be in clans that are tensioned/enemied. (P: 1st degree.)

There is no reason to put down a select few members just because they are part of an enemy clan and have been in contact with the GSA. For all we know, countless other random members that have never entered the chat before have done things such as Tikemaro or Buzzard did, leaved and rejoined multiple times, now to be in Cyclix or some other enemy clan. We don’t need to put people down as permanently banned for being the leader of an enemy clan, nor should we ban people who damaged the GSA years ago. The purpose of putting down an permanently banned GSA member is that the person that you put on the list has done extensive critical damage to the GSA throughout the past as a member multiple times and in the present, and should never be trusted again. 

 [Jeep] Nick-Sama wins, Flawless victory.


3+ (keep the way it is, without Reaper and Tethys)

3- (take it back to Satan and Gigoto)


38 thoughts on “Vote on the ban list.

  1. I feel any edit should not have been made without some kind of vote, or it would just turn into something of us banning our political enemies when there is no reason for them to be banned.

    1. Aj at the time thought that a lot of these games were self-explanatory, so he posted the bans. I still think that it doesn’t need a vote, we just need to talk it out.

  2. Almost doesn’t equal joined. After you joined the real GSA, I don’t remember joining or making an actual clan to go against GSA.

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