Vote on Post Regulations

Hey guys, Ben here, and a few GSA members don’t agree with the new that eagle just made. So we’re going to use our right to vote and vote against it.

I do agree with a few things he said though

2.Somewhat agree, but usually jeep does grammar checks
3.Disagree, this is about having fun, like ismails troll meme posts, their funny
5.Disagree, just keep the profanity to a minimum
6.Somewhat agree, but last week, there was like 6 featured posts at a time

So get to voting if you want the law abolished (+) or you want to keep (-)

[Eagle613]: My law is the only way to keep this site even a little civilized. Plus, hardly anyone has who has author rights actually uses it. So yeah (D)

[Nickman101:] Is Ben the VP or something?

[Eagle613]: Seems like it.

[Ben]: Ya i am


+(1) -(3)


55 thoughts on “Vote on Post Regulations

  1. I don’t think it should be abolished for having a few things you and other members don’t think is up to par. I believe the better course of action is to change the vote to + Keep it the way it is, – Change some parts to get all parties to agree.

  2. I vote (-). You guys were complaining about me abolishing the Billy Mays law. But then you go behind and try to get rid of an actual reasonable law?!

  3. – Ismail’s posts can stay because they all are memes about pb2, so they’re legit. LOL.

    Oh and I don’t “always do grammar checks” I grammar check when it’s horrid and I can’t take it and want to rub it in.

      1. Am I preventing you guys from using your right? I’m allowed to voice my concerns aren’t I?

        Anyways who are these members who decided they didn’t like the law?

  4. For the grammar part, you should just completely get rid of that idea. I hate to say it, but everyone’s grammar in GSA sucks. :l
    Even you, Jeep.

        1. You’re probably using improper technique. How old are you? You obviously didn’t read it though, but I said when I was 14-16 I was doing 140+ including resistance probability, Idk what my max nowadays is. Back to school bruh.

        2. Improper technique? Come on now, you think i’m using my fokin back to lift that shet? 17 btw And 180 isn’t alot nowadays, when other people on the team are hittin 270 and i just started to hit 180 isn’t really encouraging.

        3. Oh, so you have a gym in school? Cheatah.

          I think we’re talking about different types of workouts, you’re doing deadlifts aren’t you?

        4. Yeah we have a weightroom were the football team and powerlifting team can work out

          You mean back snaps? I can only do like 275 on back snaps aka dead lifts, the o line and D line do deadlifts more, we do squats and other shiz

        5. Ya regular with no resistance, usually we put rubber bands on the weights with extra weights off the side of the bars for more resistance but its annoying

    1. So you want the site to look like a bunch of five year olds came together and decided to try and write? I just wanted the site to stop looking nooby, Is that so much to ask for?

      1. Goddamn man, you sound like my mom, starting to assume things. Thinking you know what I’m thinking as if your in my head….. I don’t recall saying I wanted this site looking like that, now did I Eagle? How bout reread my post?

  5. Yeah, one of your men named GSA Ninja has made me his enemy. I don’t know him at all, but do you think you can reason with him? Thanks.

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