New Law: Post Regulations

This is to address and correct the amount of spam and irrelevant posts that show up on the site. We have too many posts that have nothing to do with GSA or PB2. This isn’t a social media site, the site should look professional and all posts relevant. I have tried to implement and remind every0ne of the post regulations that I had put up numerous times. This time though, I’m going to make it a law, this is so that everyone has no choice but to follow these regulations and we can finally bring back out site to where it used to be.

New Law:

48. All members that posses the privilege of author, editor and admin must abide and follow the post regulations rules that are stated here.

Post Regulations: Some regulations that should be followed by any authors on the site

  1. All posts should have a clear title stating what the content is all about.
  2. All posts should be written with correct grammar and use correct vocabulary .
  3. All posts  should should be relevant to GSA or any PB2 related subjects.
  4. All posts should have the writers name located at the bottom to notify who created it.
  5. No posts should contain any profanity or inappropriate content.
  6. There should be no more than 2 featured posts at one point in time. Unless they all have high relevance.
  7. Posts that are featured should only be featured for a total of 2 days to one week.
  8. All posts should include at least one category that describes

[Nickman101:] Remember to put these regulations on a page and put the link on the constitution page.

[Eagle613]: I already made the page, I added it under Members Resources.



5 thoughts on “New Law: Post Regulations

  1. 1. You mean like Nick’s “NOOOOOOOOOOO” post?

    2. Hah! Good luck with that.

    3. Mmmmmkay, *looks at Nick*

    4. You realize wordpress already has that, right Eagle-San?

    5. Booyah

    6. Mmmmkay. *looks at Nick again*

    7. k

    8. I never do dat. ._.

  2. 1. Yes. Though, perhaps the amusement category could have a few exceptions? (this probably applys to all of this.)
    2. Same as 1.
    3. Yes, mostly. there could be some loop holes here.
    4. I suppose theres nothing wrong with this…
    5. This already existed. (CHEW)
    6. Yes, and more importantly, unimportant posts shouldnt be stickied at all.
    7. Yes
    8. Yes, definitely. And dont forget to tag where applicable.

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