TF-99 and the NATGRD

Hay guys, ben here. Its been awhile since Damocles left and he was the leader of the TF-99. Are we going to have a vote who should lead it next and should we revive the Natgrd?


Damocles: I am still here.


7 thoughts on “TF-99 and the NATGRD

  1. I am the leader of the NATGRD seeing as Behemoth Crusher left and I was his second in command. Seeing as this is the prospect, I shall hold interviews and test whoever wants to join, just simply message me on the chat or comment on the NATGRD page.

    1. Damocles, it seems you may have a virus brought upon by that “ads by supra savings” program. Try deleting anything like that, and you might be good.

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