Hey! Remember that post with the stuff about Tethys and shiz? Yeah, everything has been  fixed up. It was due to bad explaining  and understanding on both sides. May the hate comments and flame war cease. So..yeah. Goodnight 😀




[Nickman101:] Yay now all my faith and respect in Tethys has been restored!

[Jeep] … BOTH SIDES? *punches Banana and J0k3r through a wall*


67 thoughts on “Solved!

        1. I saw that someone was making a fan-dub (yes yes, bring on the hate) of the movies but I couldn’t find it. T_T

        2. … I have no idea why but I just had a flashback to when you helped me add the Courageous song to my site and changed the title to “Beliebers” @_@

        3. *more angry moths take the place of the dead one forming a vacuum of angry noisy moths.

        4. Is nawt a robot. Iz made of energy. So erm,

          *Your moths die by trying to go through energy*

  1. This has nothing to do with the post but this comment is directed towards Jeepdino:
    I’m going to start watching Bleach from episode 1, and what point should I watch the 3 movies?

  2. Can I just say that Maaaaaaybe Jeep’s taken this Anti-Tethys Campaign a liiiittle too far now that it’s been cleared up (BTW I’m very happy this has been cleared up!)

  3. How the hell was I supposed to know whether or not tethys was going to do it? I wasn’t trying to offend anyone I was trying to protect a friend and an ally. I’m sorry for caring about my allies, I guess that’s a fault of mine.

      1. Or you could just look at her derp-talk and understand it was a joke, and keep the screenshot of it and only show it if anything ever came of it like I did, thus not ruining someone’s good name in the process.

        1. Look at her derp talk? That was literally the second time I’ve seen her type anything in a chat or anywhere, for that matter. The first time I say her saying that she had to leave the chat for the moment.

          Also now you are implying that just because someone uses “derp talk” that they are kidding.

          Generalization much?

          I also stated I was in no way trying to insult or discriminate anyone.

      1. Yes, because I’m going to be like “Hey, is tethys one of those people or she not one of those people? Because if she is one of those people then she tried said she was going to do one of the things that those people do to another person.”
        You can put that in any context and it’s going to sound retarded.

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