GSA’s stance on Tethys

It has come to my attention that former member Tethys has turned hostile to the GSA. The information I have received comes from reliable witnesses confirms that Tethys tried, and failed, to get Bananas Xat ID so that she may DDos him. I hereby put Tethys on the permanent banned list, she may never be allowed to return to GSA and is considered an enemy of the state. She is not allowed on chat and any member caught showing sympathy towards her will be punished accordingly with the full extent of GSA laws. On top of her ban from GSA, I am revoking all her medals and recognitions that were bestowed upon her by Nickman at the time of her leave.  What can I say, I always knew she could not be trusted. Shame on you Tethys, you were and always will be a hypocrite. Once a traitor always a traitor.


[Note] Credit to Joker, ZeroInfinity, Black Operator, and Nighthawk for being the witnesses to these said crimes.

[Nickman101:] Next time you should inform me when revoking medals, but I approve in this instance. If this is true then I have lost all respect I have had for Tethys. DoSing is inexcusable and cowardly.


[Damocles] Eagle, after reading this post, you have lost all my respect.


74 thoughts on “GSA’s stance on Tethys

  1. DDoS’ing useing an xat ID? that is a new one, idk if you jokers know, but you cant DDoS using xat… you need the IP, which is easy accessable for those who know how to, But no you cant DDoS with just the xat id :/.

      1. That is bullshit xD, you cant get the ip through xat, he had your IP long ago, perhaps check for a mole 😉

    1. 1. Your xat ID is related to the IP you used when you made the Account.
      2. Banana was not in the chat and was, according to tethys, was not on tethys’ friends list

        1. Actually, you can get an IP address from xat ID, with the right tools.
          And I wasn’t accusing you of anything, but when someone says “PLOT TWIST, Banana will be DDoSed” It’s going to bring up some suspicions.

  2. Why revoke all her medals? There’s no point of taking away things she earned because of her accomplishments she did for GSA. What Teth did was extremely dishonorable and really surprised me but taking away all of her achievements would be just trying to keep a history of all the bad she’s done, it would be better to try to keep and remember the good.

  3. Usually coolex doesn’t really know what he’s talking about, but atm he’s right. Xat

  4. *sigh*

    Alright, if you really want to incriminate me further (groundlessly and pointlessly, may I add) go ahead. Over the time I’ve spent here, you’ve over and over tried to get evidence of me doing bad things, and you’ve never once succeeded. I’m not sure if this is your method of keeping your posts count high or whatever, but honestly fuck off.

    Lets look at the facts, shall we?

    1. Bans might be my best friend in GSA, we talk all the time and fuck if I’d DDoS my friend. To me, friendships come before clans, and besides, what purpose would I have DDoSing a decent person like him anyways? Ask him yourself, I bet he’d say I’d never do something like that to him, of all people.

    2. This is pathetic, you cannot and I meant CANNOT DDoS someone with simply their XatID. Saying this is like saying you could DDoS someone from asking when their birthday is – the number is completely irrelevant towards the IP address, which is what you really need. If I wanted his IP address, which I don’t, because I cant DDoS anyways/wouldnt DDoS one of my friends, I’d simply ask Satan or an actual hacker for it.

    3. The irrelevance of this is astounding. Do you know what you do to get someone’s XatID? You CLICK THEIR FUCKING NAME. That’s IT. Anyone can do it, even someone that’s banned in a chat.

    4. By reliable witnesses, I think you have Nighthawk and Joker (I’m not sure who that is.) Bans wasn’t there, because why would I ask his XatID if he was online?

    Thanks for groundlessly calling me a hacker, a hypocrite and a traitor, all for the heinous crime of the equivalent of clicking someone’s name in the chat. I hope you feel really proud of your fantastic detective skills, and hope you get a fucking medal for your stellar sleuthhound judge and jury work.

    I’m honestly glad I left, if this is the kind of shit I have to deal with even after a decent career and honourably retiring. Shame on YOU.

      1. I’m here to have fun and make friends, not to subjugate myself to some bullshit hierarchy and sense of duty. Sorry, not sorry.

      2. What is “the right reasons” then anyways? Please tell me, because clearly you’re better than me.
        No one has an OBLIGATION to be here, people choose to come here because they WANT TO, and if ever they didn’t want to for even a second, they wouldnt have to, and they wouldn’t.

      3. I know we have a Isolation agreement but I have to defend a friend of mine, if you want, Delete this, I’ll just get another place to put it up.

        Not trying to act like I’m involved in this but Nick clearly states in his most recent post, this clan is here to make friendships and online gaming with friends, also, @Eagle, just because you heard from witnesses, that have previously showed hatred towards Tethys (not all), that makes it

        1:Non-biased 2: You said you’re messenger yet, you say “I” alot, also, not using Nick’s approval, only yours,

        Also, I’m not up-to-date on GSA law but don’t you need proof to do this type of stuff?!

        Also, Ask Satan and he will tell you the answer…


        1. Yeah, thanks for giving me screenshots of a post that I wrote and comments that I already read. Very helpful. Now bye.

    1. Oh, and in addition to this – the fact I find this post stickied literally right next to a post that CELEBRATES FOND MEMORIES with a CONVICTED CRIMINAL that attempted to pull a COUP not once, but TWICE is just ridiculously hypothetical and representative of the double standards that are always held towards me.

      Fuck you, adieu.

      1. The word you meant was hypocritical. You used it wrong – being hypocritical actually means putting on a false sense of good appearance.

        This has been another learning session with Pzk.

      2. It was a typo, my mac autocorrect changed it – and it’s not like I can edit it correctly afterwards.
        Hypocritically is fully being used correctly here, it simply means to preach one thing and not doing that.

    2. Actually it was Banana and the other guys present at the time that told me what had happened. I did no “fantastic detective” acts to get any of the info. I was simply told. So chill out.

      1. Perhaps search for an actual hint of credibility or incrimination before you drive the Hating-Tethys-Bandwagon of yet another cliff.

        1. In what way? It disproves my motive, the “crime”, the fact the “crime” even IS a crime, and shows up the credibility as Bans wasn’t even there?

        2. Well then, Banana and the other witnesses gave a completely different version of your story. So yeah…

        3. All I have to say is that there are parts that you are neglecting to tell. Either that or you simply just forgot.

        4. Look. First of all chill the fuck out. If you want the details, ask Banana and the other witnesses. Don’t kill the messenger. All I did was put their info into writing and post it up.

        5. Don’t tell me what to do, I’m tired of having to put up with this kind of crap ever I’ve given you what you all want and left. And plus, I somehow doubt this was /their/ idea.

        6. I think you’re missing the point, I’m trying to not be incriminated for something that I completely didn’t do.

        7. Okay Tethys. I’ll look into it more. Is that good? Can this senseless war of words stop now?

        8. Kindly “look into things” before you slander to me to the extent you have in the future. Thank you.

        9. You don’t know when to quit? Do you? All I did was put this shit into a post. Let MW be now. Jeezus

    1. It’s like a lightbulb blinks on in their heads.

      And they’re like, “Well son of a bitch, I’m completely in the wrong here. Might as well try to prematurely end the dispute so I look like an idiot rather than the bad guy!”

      Troublesome, but amusing nonetheless.

  5. ” once a traitor always a traitor” do you not remember last year when you turned traitor? this is not me saying tethys actions are good or anything but sometimes you just have to remember your own actions before you say things like that… UNLESS YOU’RE STILL A TRAITOR>>> DUN DUN DUUUNNNNNN

      1. …And now you’re stripping a retired member of all her medals for doing absolutely nothing. And that’s it.

  6. Alright you deleted my first comment and my second one got cut off by a data error, so here’s comment #2.
    Xat Ids are in no way linked to the IP that created them. I could create a xat account in the Ukraine and get the same number if I created one at the same time in Nebraska. They’re just random digits that the account setup tool generates. I can actually just switch browsers and get a different number if I’m logged out. I call bullshit.
    Second, what the heck? “Tried and failed to get banana’s xat ID”? I could take the xat ID of anyone here just by clicking on their name. How could I possibly “try and fail” at something like that?
    I won’t even argue the points that 1) Tethys can’t ddos, 2) Tethys wouldn’t Ddos Banana, and not even 3) this is ridiculous asfk. Because for one, I have no proof, and for two, you all probably know them to be true anyway.
    All of you spouting BS like “omg I saw dis comming” and “tethis wuz always traiter” should be ashamed of yourselves. That’s all bull, and you know that.
    Eagle, Pzk, you’re both wise to ignore the points Tethys made. Know why? There’s no way you can dispute them. I almost laughed at how stupid this post was. I’m guessing you don’t actually believe this story and you’re doing this for some ulterior motive. I hope you are, because this is ridiculous.
    Eagle, if Satan told you he got your IP through xat, he either meant he directed you to a page with an IP-logging script via xat, or otherwise he was BSing you. There’s no way to get IP from a xat ID. At all.
    Pzk, you should be ashamed for your idiotic rants about “clans before friends”. If that’s really how you feel, get out.
    I’ll be copying this comment in case it’s deleted by GSA staff.

  7. Concluded: This post is bad and everyone a part of it should feel bad. You can’t DDoS with an xat ID (do you even know what a DDoS is?), so this post is just an excuse to shame someone you seem to have a grudge on. Grow up. And let me rephrase my conclusion:

    This post is dumb as shit and everyone a part of it should feel dumb as shit.

        1. Well. Apparently Teth was just trying to message Banana. So she asked for his Xat ID, on the chat. I guess someone gave it to her. Later on she said something along the lines of “PLOT TWIST! Banana is getting DDoSed” blah blah blah. And the said witnesses took her comment negatively. So yeah, miscommunication on everyones part.

  8. Jesus Christ, I read some of the comments, didn’t wanna read the rest cuz I’m that lazy XD, but this is just kinda all sad but who am I to say that I wasn’t involved, and I wasn’t apart of GSA at the time but still I’ve been playing the game long enough to know that these kinds of things are not worth it but who cares it in the past anyways.

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