Memories Fade

Hello everyone, NighthawkTheValiant here, I’ve noticed that a couple of people seem to like the old GSA and how it was back then, but our newer generation of members don’t have any clue of or barely any of what is was like.

Therefore, I’ve made this post for those to comment on any memories they hold of the Old GSA where Jason was the leader and we had the Amirality.

Comment on what you remember, how people were like, etc.



32 thoughts on “Memories Fade

  1. well back in my day you couldn’t get any chat or site powers until you were at least Lt. Also wars weren’t decided by a few duels they were fought out over countless maps, whether intended for battle or not.

  2. I remember fighting alongside Jason or Jvinh in this random base. I saw he and a few other GSA members were holding back a wave of violent civilians and AGSA so I decided to help.We ended up gaining access to the base there, loaded up on guns, and went out guns blazing. I also remember fighting alongside Willywonka and DeadSnow[Buzzard now] in the swamp base, holding back noobs and what not.There some other things,w which I’ll post once I remember.

  3. Jason ignored anyone that wasn’t in the FG for the majority of his career, making working with him very difficult,

  4. One of my favorite moments in all of GSA history was around the time when AGSA was ending its hatred to GSA. Agent K, the leader of AGSA at the time, talked to me and talked with me about ending AGSA and changing its name. He wanted to make a “Second Generation” of AGSA that didn’t hate us. His plan failed and AGSA died. I remember way back when clashes with Gangster Money and DK – SK, etc. damn that was a long time ago.

  5. I remember, when I always loved to annoy the top ranks xD, so fun, but anyways, back then, when raids were so much better and fun with EKAT. I wish I could go back in time and really do at over again 🙂

  6. Well I remember we did raids a lot more and were more cooperative and focused. And the battle between EKAT and GSA was awesome….Oooh ooh storytime!!! Once Upon a time……I [Awesomemad] joined a map saying it was for GSA. When I joined I found out it was a trick and all the EKAT leaders + Miranda (no der) were there. I annoyed them like CRAP and they killed me a lot but knowing me (if you do) I didn’t really care. In the end they captured me and kept me in a jail cell for a LOOOOOOOOONG time. Another GSA joined (I don’t remember his name) and got captured. He DIDNT annoy them like I did and was very submissive. So when I thought I was gonna be rescued….I just got a buddy to get tortured with…..oh dear god….:( . They asked us a lot of questions and used the deflib (known today as ‘6’) to try to get us to talk. I tried killing them all with it….. just didn’t work…:/.
    The GSA with me gave up one answer…website of GSA which wasn’t too important I have to say….well I don’t remember if it was. But anyways he told them our website and then…..well he left. So I was alone……just plain old me……[GSA]Cpl.Awesomemad……*sigh* yeah…. It was really boring after he left. I annoyed the EKAT like CRRRRRRAAAAAAAPPPPPP and that’s it because it was getting late likeeeeeeee….10:00 and I woke up early and had to again the next day. So that’s it for my storytime/memory of the old GSA… L key on the keyboard is getting stuck all the time so yeah….

    Awesomemad In,

    And Out

    1. Man that sucks, it I would have came, i would have helped you any way. I remember always joining maps to defned them against outside threats and being the one who would put enemeies[AGSA, EKAT] in the jails, but I wouldn’t torture them or whatever.

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