Promotion Post

Hey guys, I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately.

When will Promotests be ready again?” “When can we get promoted?

I’m sort of wondering that myself, but this post isn’t about when it’s going to be done. This is about it happening now.

In the comment section below, I want you to list your current rank and what you’ve done to help GSA. A list will be made of members who deserve promotion, but can’t due to promotests being under construction.

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It sure is lonely in here…


Imma Banana,




17 thoughts on “Promotion Post

  1. Lieutenant, some details of what I do are classified. As military I will do as required with guns and such. Maintaining chat order as well among other things in the absence of any other ranking officers.

  2. I am an Lieutenant, I don’t do too much military because i am not very good at it… (actually i am horrible…) but i’ve been on the chat alot of times, i never betrayed GSA in any way, i never did something against it, i am also the elder of an ex-allied clan to GSA called “EKA” (not EKAT… EKA.. some people confuse it..) and EKA decided to un-ally GSA, yet i still try to ally EKA with GSA again. i was always loyal to GSA and i will always be. i am also not causing trouble, i’m friendly and yeah, i hope one day to be a diplomatic rank in GSA ( cause i am the diplomatic type of guy) and yeah thats about it.

  3. Im Lt, formally a general, and i have been in GSA for 2 and a half years. In that time i have done my best to fight against EKAT(old), a little of EGMSU, BOA, and other clans i can’t remember. I have given my all to this clan until recently when they started to…how do i say this…be unfair, taking away rights of mine because i’m in EKAT(new). I have worked with all of my heart for about 2 years! i deserve respect in my decisions. If EKAT and GSA go to war, and you want to kick me out, thats OK, i get it. but maybe if I’m a higher rank with a little more heft on GSA’s decisions i could actually stop a war.

  4. BrGen. Not much lately due to inactivity out of my control but have taken down several sex bases.
    Killed a few cyclists in battles, not official duels but there was like 2 other people there. I have been vocal about things regarding laws and such and I have been in GSA quite a long time.

  5. [GSA]Cpl. Quema Tormenta

    I’ve participated in almost every training session (The ones I was online for) before, during and after the Cyclix war and still do when I find one available. Hosted a few to train some of our GSA recruits such as Trent and DaveyDeathly. By doing this I’ve not only made myself a bit more skillful, but also honed the skills of others to keep our military powerful. During the Cyclix war, I battled some Cyclix, 1v1, on a random map I met them on but of course they weren’t official battles. But regardless I didn’t and never backed down from fighting our enemy the Cyclix. I’ve also ping bombed and raided some Cyclix or GSA hate bases weather I was order to do it or I found it myself. I think one of the most productive thing I’ve done though is the GSA recruitment maps. Pretty much from day 1 (January) I have recruited quite a few people into the GSA though at first it was recruiting people that “looked” like they were good. But actually not too long ago at all I recruited people who didn’t just look like they can play, but can actually play. Yes been a little picky over who I recruit such as requiring them to have at least a 1.0 to 1.10 to be recruited by me and at least get an x number of kills on me and x number of deaths before I’m satisfied with their skill level. II try my best to not go off on everyone, weather it be to me superiors or anyone below me in rank. I’ll admit at first I was quite disrespectful and rebellious towards my superior’s orders or actions I found offensive weather they were or weren’t. But I must say I’ve learned to control le anger and listen first, then speak and its really worked since I haven’t went off in a while. But mistakes are bound to happen, xD. But IMO the most productive thing I’ve done for GSA is how I represent it. I try to be respectful and not an ass to those who hate on me because of the clan I’m in. Instead of responding with hate, I get down to the bottom of why they actually hate GSA and most of the time they find that they were only doing what everyone else was doing, with no darn good reason of why they actually hate GSA. And thats that. I don’t know if any of these are significant at all, or if any of them are but I’m still glad I did each and everyone of them for my clan and comrades.

    1. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

        1. I’m not mocking what you said, I didn’t even read it, it’s just….. it was like 5 paragraphs….

  6. So Adelram… Its choose of Autohizerd members. Check out to Clan Chat.

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