Some updates to inform you cats.

Diplomacy page: Removed inactive allies and added two more. (More on this later on a separate post)

GSA Division page: Removed all divisions except; TF99, NATGRD and Architects Guild 

Executive Page: Updated the presidents list with the most recent of presidents.

Chat page: Updated the owners list and some laws.

*Members and Ranks page: Updated some government ranks.


*I need all members, and i do mean all active members comment there most recent correct rank. I am planning to do a major overhaul to the members and ranks page. I will need Nickman’s help with all this, so contact me please.


20 thoughts on “Updates

  1. [GSA]Cpl.Quema Tormenta

    And would you finally update our promotion guide? Updating all this other stuff yet we haven’t been able to come up with a working promotion guide for months so no one can even rank up…..

      1. Then say that on the page so dumb low ranks wont bother us and say. “but the promotion page says…”

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