We fite Cyclix on day 19 of month 7 in the two thousand and fourteenth year. oh yeah and it will be on 13 hours into the day on the time that exists on the west coast of the United States so it may be different thaaan the yeast coast so


That is all.(d)

U r welcum for professional post C:


[NighthawkTheValiant]: A little Humor while we wait c:

Are they scared or what c:

[Jeep] Oh, so they’re declining? And I’d like to point out that none of the fights they’ve “won” were scheduled, or against our actual fighters. Aj already beat them, how about they come at the people who are good at fighting instead of the small fry? And we’ve been around far longer than they have, so we obviously know how to run a clan. I don’t see how “Teenagers going through puberty” is an insult. What are they?

[Eagle613]: If Cyclix declines this offer, especially after they have been pestering us to fight organized matches, then they are bold faced cowards. And for them to insult one of the first clans that ever colonized PB2, when they are only a year or so old is baffling to me. Cyclix is in no position to be calling any other clans irrelevant.

[Jeep-Senpai] I freakin’ love how they were all cool about fighting us when we were ignoring them, but now that we call them out and retaliate with actual effort, they back down and make excuses.

[Reaper]: In a way, Eternal and his people are acting sort of childish. They seem to believe battles are only won by last minute preparation 1v1s and 2v2s, and then when the “coward clan” finally decides to make a time to play an organized battle with GSA’s best, they refuse and not even dare try to work out a better date for both clans. I believe if no counter offer is made by this Saturday, the 19th, GSA is to be pulled out of the war, and it would become a tie.

I would like to add how hypocritical Cyclix’s Sheep is being. “Plus, they would just run away and act like nothing happened”. You see, that’s where you’re wrong, you’re running away from our battle time and not giving a counter offer to better the time for both clans.

[Eagle613]: Banana, I think you touched on a very important point that u would like to further ireiterate on. Cyclix believes that wars are won by simple battles on random PB2 maps. And much like their predecessors after they do score a small victory they maginify it exponentially and use it as propaganda. What Cyclix needs to learn is that we have been through hell and back fighting wars. And we have won or tied in every one of them. And for them to think they can just come here, after only 1 year of being alive, and reshape the whole history of war is rather funny.


19 thoughts on “Fite

  1. What’s the fight? Who’s fighting? What’s the map? What’s the score to? What happens if someone wins? WE NEED INFO BRO!

    1. The fight is against Cyclix. Nickman, Black Operator, and me are fighting. The score will be discussed ingame. If we win we win the war against Cyclix, if we lose we lose the war with Cyclix. I have given you info bro.

      1. 1. I knew that.

        2. I am both happy, and sad that I’m not involved. I thought we were having a 6 vs 6 or something?

        3. Okay,

        4. I knew that,

        5. You didn’t say what map, and who’s fighting on the Cyclix side?

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