Concerning GSO, EKAT and BOA

After the inexcusable act of cyber terror on the GSO site by EKAT, I would like make clear where the GSA government, and most importantly the GSA members, stand on this dire issue. First off we condemn all acts of cyber warfare unleashed on any enemy or allied site. EKAT should and must apologize to GSO for this horrendous doing. Further more I would like to remind all enemies of GSO that GSO is an ally of GSA and to harm it would mean a quick and decisive response by using the full might of the GSA government and military. Now I’m not threatening war, but to harm our friends is to harm us as well. Now regarding EKAT and BOA, if you commit anymore acts of cyber warfare or attack GSO outposts on PB2 or any other game for that matter, the GSA government and military will have no choice but to rain down hellfire on you, your members and your clan assets. Be warned, we have lost a lot of good clans and friends because of both your war mongering actions, and I swear on all that is good and holy in the world that we will not lose more. Good day.



49 thoughts on “Concerning GSO, EKAT and BOA

  1. I don’t speak on behalf of BOA or Cyclix but…. [All members of GSA reading this. End Cyclix VS GSA. Honorably at most. That is what Op. Shimmering Freedom Knight is…]

    As well, BOA won’t start it. If anything occurs that harms or attempts to harm BOA and we find out it is GSA, that’s not BOA starting it.

    To GSO Members, That was purely EKAT and we don’t want Site Nuking.

    To Any GSA Extremists or Anti-BOA or Cyclix, You’d be acting on behalf of GSO or GSA and GSA takes the blame.

    1. You seem to forget that BOA tried, but canceled, a vote on whether BOA should help EKAT war GSO. And to me that is enough proof that BOA is unstable enough to act offensively to harm a clan for no reason whatsoever.

      And trust me, GSA will only act forcefully and offensively if threatened. Unlike EKAT and BOA we don’t need nor crave war for our clan to survive. So all this post was underlining, was watch out BOA and EKAT your getting really close to crossing a red line.

      1. Eagle, that vote was Urk’s doing, and the vote was canceled. No BOA wanted that to happen. It was just Urk being his dictator self.

        1. Urk is a reflection of BOA. What he does is comes right back to his clan. So his members need to start putting the works of a democratic process in place before things get out of hand.

      2. Funny how you insult GSA all the time when I come to BOA chat. Calling GSA corrupt constantly, and I can’t call you a dictator? Hypocrite.

        1. Tethys? Really? Nothing against her but since she was kicked from CM she has done nothing beneficial for GSA. And FYI saying that nick shouldn’t be running GSA is considered an insult to his leadership. And who asked you for your opinion anyways. And trust me Urk, you think you have BOA on a little leash, but be forewarned that a majority of your members are starting to see through your facade. You can’t hide it much longer.

        2. If these so called “loyal” members are leaving then they are obviously not loyal and we do not wish to have them here if they don’t want to be here. And who exactly has left? Please enlighten me. And believe me or not, you are not loved by a large majority of your own members. Whether you choose to believe it makes zero difference to me, Lol.

        3. Lol! Every single FG is hated?! Are you draft? You know nothing of the special connections made in GSA. And don’t try to favour Banana to try and get on his good side. We both know your sneaky little tactics, Deception

        4. Yeah, and I hope you realized he can notice when your trying to pull a fast one on him. Goodnight.

        5. If truth is a new word for lies, then yes. I mean they didn’t call you deception for nothing. C’ya dude. (Fifth time now xD)

      3. Eagle, in the GSA/Cyclix war you guys did barley anything, you “ignored” Cyclix and such things, how would you then try to acctualy war when the last few wars GSA has been in were 1 sided wars towards GSA, please indulge me.

        1. Who said were “warring” (not sure if its a real word?) anyone? All this post is doing is standing as a warning that our enemies tread lightly and leave our allys be. And like I have said again and again, the GSA/Cyclix war is the most irrelevant thing to ever happen in GSA history. All Cyclix is a puppet clan of BOA. Therefore I couldn’t give two fucks about it.

        2. The fact is your “warning” is weak for GSA has no good war records, all you have ever done is isolate and let it pass over, you cant give warnings if your clan cant keep itself above water

        3. Above water? You do realize that GSA has been here since the beginning of this game. Were the last original clan left. Not counting BoZ. You should not be concerned how or why we conduct our diplomacy. Anyways, I already argued enough with Urk last night. So thanks for youy input, but bye.

        4. The only reason you are alive is because you isolate every clan that wars you, you dont respond to them, that is not diplomacy, that is just hiding away

        5. We isolated ONE clan. That was EKAT, towards the end when we saw they were dying and were gonna lose. Look at our track record, we have won numerous wars in the past and present. Don’t spout off words without knowing the facts.

        6. I know the facts because i was there, indeed in the past GSA has won wars, im talking about now, You havent won the war with Cyclix, and thats the present, but i am gone stop this because talking with you is like trying to explain physic to a dog. (or well eagle in this instance)

        7. Hey, I’m the one that told you I’m done arguing. But you had to keep talking. So goodbye.

  2. Eagle, BOA is not unstable and even then, if the government goes sideways. The Military has it’s own structure and is Independent. We made sure of that… Also, stop fighting on a post, it’s… childish….

  3. I never implied that EKAT answers to GSA. Nor would I want them to. The whole reason for this post, like I have repeated numerous times in comments, is to assure our allies that we have their backs. And to make known to our enemies that we can not be be pushed around. And don’t you dare accuse me of raising tensions when EKAT literally nuked an allied site, but for some reason you guys are to draft to acknowledge the bad in that.

    Anyways, if you really do wish to hold some talk with some of our people. Then I suggest you give more details so we can plan the meeting place and who comes.

  4. “To GSA: No More “To BoA:” stupid posts. Nickman agreed that Isolation would be the best and GSA agreed to the terms set out at the time.”
    Thanks for breaking the terms before they even got placed EAGLE.

    1. Chill. Like BOA hasn’t broken the isolation terms. Plus this wasn’t only to BOA. Da title explains it all.

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