Response to EKAT declaring war on GSO

It’s nice to see I’m right for a change.


An EKAT is an EKAT, and never changes.

[Eagle613]: You guys are much too trusting. Never ever forget. You can forgive but NEVER forget.


28 thoughts on “Response to EKAT declaring war on GSO

    1. 1. Aj is not our leader, 95% of GSA dislike him.
      2. We never declared isolation from you? In fact we voted for war. Still waiting on the battle times btw.

    2. Persevering to fight is bad sportsmanship now?

      Every protagonist in every movie/show ever would like a word with you

      1. And Ichigo, and Rukia, and Goku, and Simon, and Kamina, and Batman, and Superman, and Power Girl, and Bat Girl, and Yoko, and Orihime, and Ishida, and Robin, and Nightwing, and Chuck Norris, and Primus, and Optimus Prime, and Optimal Optimus, and Primal Prime,

  1. And you guys didnt believe when i said EKAT is still the same…
    I hate to say i told you so, but…

      1. Here’s a little vote:

        War’s inevitable. So I might as well put this up: This war is going to be a dirty war, because I can tell both sides are gonna lose their shit if we do another pussy little clean war, with polite words and smiley faces. We attack with our worse, you all attack with your worse. You win or you die. + if you can agree with that. – if you can’t.

  2. -, rouge, how about we dont have war. my job is to stop war between gsa and ekat and your not making it easy

  3. Is it sad that I, a GSA Supreme who is not an EKAT nor likes EKAT, has to post evidence making Savvy guilty to a crime in HIS clan? Seriously? Is EKAT that corrupt already? It’s like Miranda is still leading or something.

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