JEEPDINO Trial (Canceled)

The trial is canceled.


112 thoughts on “JEEPDINO Trial (Canceled)

  1. [Let’s be real. It’s Jeep you’re talking about here. He’d probably get a 30 second time-out if he destroyed the entire site.]

      1. I think this is some serious shit Banana, the guy needs to either get fired or be stripped of his rank. is up to us what his punishment will be.

      1. How do I put it – There are two things that won’t change in this universe: The inevitable death of everything, and your goddamned membership in GSA. And the first one is debatable.

        1. Are you still referring to the thing about the “moist”? That was a completely separate trial and it has already been decided and punished, GET THE HECK OVER IT SICK FREAKS.

  2. Thank You Pzk! i was there and everything! Jeep stated that he would rather have Banana leave then stay in GSA because he feels that Banana is useless. I’d like to see this corrupted fellow gone. Maybe then I’d come back.

      1. Really? I’m pretty sure Nick would reinstate my rank if I asked, it’s not a difficult thing to do. besides, until Jeep’s either dealt with or GSA backs out of this stupid war, I’m not returning.

        1. Sorry bro but why the hell would Nick reinstate someone who left because things got to hard? That isn’t someone I want as my superior nor is it someone I’d take orders from. This war will be dealt by a final battle to determine who ultimately wins or we’ll just surrender which is HIGHLY likely since many are so scared of fighting…….

        2. too hard? I left because of corruption in the FG. Not because shit got difficult. I was ORDERED to leave GSA by Jeep himself. And if we surrender we can start off on a blank slate, no more war record, we can just get a new one. it won’t be hard.

        3. Ordered to leave GSA, and you weren’t smart enough to disobey an order like that? Running from corruption isn’t going to change it , staying and trying to do something will. Your decision to leave GSA because of that should not get your rank reinstated Deluxe. There is a reason why its called record. and that war record is history, erasing it would only be a pathetic attempt to erase to erase our past wins, stalemates, and our soon to be lose.

        4. I am doing something about it. And I don’t see you doing anything about it.

        5. Soo becoming an Ex-GSA, running outside of the problem is doing something about it from the inside? And you’re right, I haven’t done much about it but I’ll try anything in MY power to do something, not run from it. 😛

    1. Mate, you weren’t ordered first of all.You were told you could leave freely.I know, because I told you as well if you wish to leave, then leave, no one was holding you down or oppressing you there, that was all on you.

    2. Shut up Deluxe, just shut up. I didn’t tell you to leave, you quit and I told you to get it over with. And I never said that about Banana, and you need to get your head out of your @$$

      1. my head out of my ass? This is fucking serious. you would rather sit around and do nothing in this damn war then just quit now and keep your dignity. Nick would rather have this war be over right now then let it continue.

        1. 1. Yes.
          2. Never said it wasn’t, are you done putting words in my mouth?
          3. I never said I don’t want to do anything, I was never contacted with a battle time, and I actually led 5 SUCCESSFUL RAIDS.
          4. Quitting doesn’t keep our dignity. It shows our cowardice.
          5. Nick would rather do what the Democracy says, AND THEY’VE ALREADY SPOKEN.

        2. OH really? he said if he could TO me that he would end it here and now. but it was in the hands of the members, you need to stop saying the 5 successful raids is an achievement too, sure, it makes you seems prestigious, but right now it doesn’t mean anything to what GSA is doing now. and I never put words into your mouth, face facts, GSA’s waiting for Cyclix to die out just as you guys did with EKAT.

        3. Banana broke a law by creating a second vote within 3 weeks of the last vote, so how about you stop riding his balls and go after him instead?

          It’s more of an Achievement then anything you’re doing, how? Because you aren’t in GSA, this clan isn’t your business anymore. Unless you chickened out and came crawling back?

          I’ll face facts when they become facts instead of your opinion. Until then, I’m waiting for the battle list to be created. K? Done? Now GTFO.

        4. Then get out of GSA territory. Or do I need to remove your ability to comment? And you still have GSA in your name.

        5. I tend to be lazy. and I have friends here still, i don’t want to make enemies out of GSA.

        6. okay, look, I want to come back but I’m waiting until this War crap is over. then I’m coming back. but for now I want to be able to chat with my friends here.

        7. I asked a simple question that you weren’t able to answer, who here isn’t getting what?

        1. I thought you didn’t want to argue anymore? The only thing I’ve done is tell you you were being an idiot and scratch out your post, if I really wanted to do crap I’d have deleted it completely in the first place.

        1. That was after I had already scratched it out 3 times, and I asked if I should, Try again.

        1. *knocks on your head* Anyone in there? It’s a known fact that I scratched it out, just like it’s a known fact that you scratched out Nick’s ruling a few weeks ago, get over it. GG.

  3. When a child acts up, you don’t disown them, you take away their TV, and put them in the corner.

    Demotion? Perhaps.
    Jeep needs to learn that he cannot be a bully in the chat, and dish out things he cannot handle.

    Fired? Definitely fucking not.
    He’s a loyal member of the GSA, and has been for a very long time, and doesn’t deserve anything of the sort. He can be a mean older brother (by like 40 years) to some, but I’m sure we can work things out in that regard.

    1. 2 Things,

      1. what exactly do I dish out that I can’t handle?

      2. Where did this 40+ years old thing come from? I can’t even remember. xD

  4. XD

    Banana just won’t stop trying to get me fired,

    1. This is all about me scratching out his surrender post, the POST THAT WE’VE VOTED ON 3 TIMES ALREADY, WE DON’T NEED TO DO IT AGAIN PEOPLE. Me and Nighthawk both came to the same conclusion, why am I being tried and not Nighthawk? Gosh you’re being weird, Banana.

    2. What exactly does this mean?

    3. Same as #1

    4. I didn’t order Demo to leave, he quit and kept going on about “DON’T COME CRYING TO ME WHEN YOU REALIZE I’M RIGHT!” for like a minute, me and wolfkiller just told him “IF YOU’RE GOING TO LEAVE THEN LEAVE ALREADY!”

    5. What exactly is Ben even saying?


        Banana accused you of something so I said:
        “Aight den let me make a court post”
        THAT’S IT.

        IDK where the fuck people get the idea that I am a plaintiff in this case.
        I have presented 0 evidence, I have not argued any points, and I am just moderating this.

  5. Based on the info that has been presented to me, I don’t believe that jeep impeded democracy in this clan by deleting Bananas post, if that is all that happened for him to break laws 25 and 26.

    Now, from what I see, this isn’t the first incident that JEEP has recently been apart of, which means that whether there is proof or not, something happened, (unless half the GSA are liars.) I think that a demotion may be in order.

    1. I didn’t delete his post, I scratched it out like he did with your ruling on my last case. And is it strange that Banana was the charger for both times? :l

    1. For now, 70% of the members still hate me and Banana will probably try to fire me again within the next few weeks.

    1. Jeepeh, nobody wants you fired. I as a matter of (mostly when you’re not yelling at me (sad)) find that having you around really brightens up the chat and brings on a bit more a serious, yet cheerful, aspect to the chat. But in wars… you can see why B.I. doesn’t want to fight GSA.

        1. The post didn’t say to fire you, that was a choice, and I brought B.I. in because it seemed relevant to my explanation.

        2. how does this have any relevance to what we’re arguing about?

      1. Okay then, How about this one? I didn’t make the post. the most that I wanted out of that Trial would’ve been to be at least a small demotion. not too big, not too little, but a demotion nonetheless. but, I appreciate Banana’s choice on just cancelling the Trial, it was a better idea anyway…

  6. kk time for kitteh’s two-cents… To all of you people, STOP ANTAGONIZING JEEP SRSLY, I know you guys just do this shit to make him mad.
    And jeep, Stop taking these things so seriously, if somebody makes some random crack about how moist their shell is or whatever… Just ignore it.

    This has been a word from our kitteh sponsors, kitty out~

        1. I’ll tell you what I told him, if you want that to happen,
          “You obviously don’t know me” 😛

    1. hey kitteh, ill be back around August 1st, can you be on then? ihave to tell everyone about my vacation xD
      (it was epic)

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