FaGSA: This is how its done.

So, i was looking through my PB2 inbox when i found a rather amusing string of messages from a while back.

I had found a fake GSA admiral, and decided to try fixing the problem rather than simply reporting him, and, it worked c:<

(Unfortunately i deleted the first few messages a long time ago.)(Read from bottom to top.)


I propose we deal with all FaGSA this way from now on.

Stay Toasty~


P.S. The architects guild page is still a work in progress, and its coming along nicely.


5 thoughts on “FaGSA: This is how its done.

  1. Errm not to be a buzzkill, but this was just a stupid guy, some one who wants to give GSA bad rep or something by faking their rank wont just say: okay ill take it off, just dont tell on me. Just a thought (and it seems im GSA Rec since December 7 2013)

    1. Well, its better we give them a chance to take it off, rather than simply reporting them, (Which can be used as collateral on some people.) that way well actually fix the problem.
      Also, arent ALL FaGSA stupid? xD

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