Promotion System Think Tank

Everyone in the comments post their ideas for a new Promotion System. The members seem to be generally unsatisfied with the current one. Once we get all the suggestions in, ill try and refine the ideas and put them in a vote post.


Thoughts gathered so far based off below:

1.Do certain things to rank up[combat related battles,maps,etc] like the real military

2.Use GSA made[by Jon/Alex unless he’s dead] maps to test members skills.

3.Questionnaire for first two ranks[private requiring a saw], then combat orientated battles for the rest basically, each presenting new skills to be gained.

4.Wait several days/hours/etc before ranking up to prevent members from ranking up too fast.

5.Making sure members who are promoted at least gain more maturity[touchy yes, but possible]

6.Waiting for skills to be developed as a rec before ranking up


Just some things already discussed from below.


53 thoughts on “Promotion System Think Tank

  1. How about we go back to the old Promo System? which didn’t have to do with 1v1’s and Saws and all that bullshit. maybe we can just use the system where if you do enough stuff you get a promotion. like a REAL MILITARY.

    1. Do stuff like what? Butt kiss our superiors for a promotion because thats exactly what its gonna turn into once we start doing “stuff” for those promotions. xD Its not gonna work man

        1. not wars in general Quema, i mean like participating in trainings and fighting battles and combat-oriented things

  2. Nick, it’s not that they’re unsatisfied with the present one, it’s that the present one is incomplete and un-capable of promotesting the higher ranks.

  3. Well, Alexwang and Jonb7 were supposed to be working on promotest training maps for certain ranks.
    Ex. jonb7-rectopvt
    I don’t know the account name Jon and Wang use, and Jon forgot the account they used, so it’s sort of a failure.

      1. I thought we stopped working on them because the hole thing got canceled? Also, yea, ill have to see if i can remember the account…

    Note that maybe somethings in this New Promotion guide will be derived from our original.

    The wait after a successful promotion should be one week.

    Rec- How bout we change how Recruits get promoted? If they’ve just joined GSA how are they suppose to explain what GSA is all about if they hardly no anything about it. Since we aren’t gonna put any Rec into combat in a war why don’t they get promoted by a questionnaire of some sort about GSA. If they can get most of the questions down then they get promoted to Pvt. and by that time they should be more combat oriented. Once they’ve learned about GSA, recruiting should come easier to them and they should recruit at least one person for them to be officially promoted. Failure to complete this will result in them waiting for at least 48 hours.

    Pvt- Another Questionnaire but this time about combat and which orders are to be followed. There will be 11 questions. Again if they can answer these questions and the promoter thinks they’re good enough they can move on to the next part. They must complete a saw (The one Alex made when we can find it) in a specific amount of time, a reasonable time chosen by their promotester. Note that this is the only time that a saw map will be used for a promotion because from there they will use self boosting and stuff like that and get naturally better at it by using it in combat. I recommend that the promotester gives the Pvt something they can use in combat, such as, ” Only heal a dead ally once you’re 100 and 10% sure that there are no enemies close by to execute you both.” They must wait for at least 48 hours to be promotested again if they fail.

    Cpl- This is where combat takes place but not against any of our best and get shitstomped. No there should be a map with them fighting AI units and they must put everything they’ve learned from their time as a Rec and Pvt to the test and defeat all the units in a specific amount of time. There should be parts where they are forced to use their head a little and perform things like ricochet kills. If they fail to complete the map in a specific amount of time, they must retake the promotest in no less than 48 hours.

    Sgt- By this time, they should start giving orders, or at least learn how to make quick decisions that could determine whether or not the squad they could be commanding wins their specific battle or not. Again, I declare another questionaire about command, but this time how they would give it for that specific battle. For example say its the Sgt. with only one unit left of their squad and outnumbered by 4 enemy units, If they were to answer, one of them would go back around the enemy and flank them from the front and the Sgt would from the back, that would be a correct answer for that battle given the circumstances they’re currently in. If they are able to answer the questions correctly for each situations they are promoted. If they fail to do so, they must wait a time period of at least 48 hours.

    Lt- By now, they should be effective in both commanding and combat. For them to complete this task, they must lead their promotester through a map filled with AI enemies that should be alot harder from the ones they battled as a Cpl. They must make quick decisions and relay those orders to their promotester for both of them to effectively survive and get through the map in a specific amount of time whether that be an order to lay down suppressive fire or flank an enemy. If they can effectively put everything they’ve learned from their past promotests and complete the map in a specific amount of time then they are promoted! Failure to do so results in a 48 hour wait before they can try the promotest again.

    And this is where I am gonna stop, I’ll continue if I get positive feedback about this type of promotest because I’ve got a lot of ideas. All feedback is welcome whether there should be a few changes with this or just to say… *cough* “Quema, you come up with some good ass ideas.” 😀

    1. Promo with Rec) You just contradicted your own idea for how recruits get promoted. If they don’t know how GSA works how will they be able to answer questions about the clan? I’d advise to leave questionnaires for Lt. and above. Getting better in combat wouldn’t take questionnaires, they would take training sessions by people who are good at said game.
      Promo with Pvt) The only problem about this is the amount of questions, we usually do 3-5 questions when we did questionnaires, and that worked rather well. Also– Having a PromoSaw for every rank up to Lt. was how we originally planned for it to go down, but recent problems FINDING the account used to make these maps were proven a failure. If Alexwang becomes active again maybe he’ll be able to find the account used for them and finish them for later use, until then, we won’t be able to use a PromoSaw map.
      Promo with Cpl) Pb2 AIs aren’t exactly forgiving. If we were to do something like that, I’d say “Finish PB2 Campaign Mission 1 on Hard or Impossible in under 1 minute with an accuracy of 75% and above to rank up”. As for ricochet shots, that should be learned later in ranking up, for that takes a kind of skill and a knowledge of what weapons that CAN ricochet.
      Promo with Sgt) Although I like your ideas about questionnaires, giving out orders during a battle should be left to a general/FG, for these members are the most experienced and know most maps well, at least they should. In a Team Battle, it is against the law to “rage quit” from it. This can be punishable by 2nd and 3rd Degree punishment.
      Promo with Lt) As for the last time I had the idea for the Campaign Mission, I’d have to look through different missions to see which would be challenging for a Lt ranked member. I’d say Mission 10 on Hard/Impossible with an Accuracy of 85% and above, but that’s just from the top of my head.

      I want to address the amount of hours you have to wait. I feel an appropriate amount of days/weeks to wait is as it was in our old PromoTest Regulations.
      From Rec to Pvt– 24 hours
      From Pvt to Sgt– Must wait 1 week to try out for another promotest
      From Lt to Gen– must wait 2 weeks

  5. Well honestly, the promo ranks should at LEAST add in some MATURITY to our members. If one goes from rec to general and still acts like he’s in 1st grade, then what is the whole point of ranking up. I feel as if whatever system is added, that it should mention something like this, before I think we had that you “show signs of being a leader” or something and if that person isn’t showing these signs, then dafuq are they being given a higher[more nobler I guess] rank if they still act like babies. Not to mention other clans pay attention to this at times, it looks bad on our part if we have a major whining about something irrelevant in a map or some general bullying kids on another map.

      1. You are right, it shouldn’t be offensive but more of a eye opener to those who are a bit immature.

    1. You are correct. My friend who was in GSA (his name was Whathappened12) went from a Rec to a Commander and well he did the job well but when I got tested I went from Rec to Pvt to Cpl…….the judgments can be off…

  6. Not a GSA but Think Tank so hey (that rhymed).

    GSA Recruit – Get recruited (no shit). Must be a recruit for one week in order to understand the basic morals and values of GSA.

    GSA Private – Automatically assigned after showing adequate activity throughout his/her first week. Must be a private for at least one week in order to understand the chain of command in GSA. The Private Map will assess basic knowledge of GSA as well as basic PB2 skills.

    GSA Corporal – Complete Private Map with proof of completion, request advancement to the next rank to an HR. Must be a corporal for at least one week in order to understand the recruitment process and basic GSA law. The Corporal Map will assess the soldier’s ability to recruit, basic GSA law, and basic PB2 combat.

    GSA Sergeant – Complete Corporal Map with proof of completion, request advancement to the next rank to an HR. Must be a sergeant for at least one week in order to improve social skills, grammar, and ensure general maturity. The Sergeant Map will assess average PB2 combat and skills.

    GSA Lieutenant – Complete Sergeant Map with proof of completion, request advancement to the next rank to an HR. Must be a lieutenant for at least one week in order to have a general understanding of GSA’s rights, laws, and government systems.

    GSA Captain – Complete Lieutenant Map with proof of completion, request advancement to the next rank to an HR. GSA training is complete, however, military training continues. Must be a captain for at least two weeks. The Captain Map will assess advanced PB2 combat and skills.

    GSA Major – Complete Captain Map with proof of completion, request advancement to the next rank from an HR. Must be a major for at least two weeks. The Major Map is the hardest and last assessment, will put everything you have learned since Day 1 to the test**.

    GSA Colonel – Complete Major Map with proof of completion, request advancement to the next rank from an HR.
    – – –
    Brigadier General – 4/8 vote from the FG (CL, GA, Supremes, COOs).
    Lieutenant General – 5/8 vote from the FG.
    Major General – 6/8 vote from the FG.
    GSA General – 7/8 vote from the FG.
    Marshall – 8/8** vote from the FG.

    ** – May need revision.

    1. Dude……… I like this, unlike mine I can’t see any flaws with in this and if there are its pretty insignificant. The amount of time to wait after each one is great, for each rank there is something new that must be learned. Only problem I see with this is…… the maps that’ll be provided for Pvt through Col. and not to mention the time it’ll take for each one to be completed plus who knows if Jon or Alex would want to do that anyway. (Hoping Jon does 😀 ) But if the maps are actually created I would have no problem having this as our new promotion guide.

  7. Pffft. Who needs rank anyway? It’s time for complete and total Communism. Everyone shall be exactly the same and speak in exactly the same way: “Yes; No; Ask someone else”. Hey, if no one can rank up, no one will be complaining about rank and we’d never have a problem in the first place*.

    *I’m joking btw.

  8. Quema and some others mentioned this, and its a bit obvious, but:
    Recruits should not have to recruit to be promoted, as this has several problems:

    1. Recruiting is hard, as we all know, and *should be for higher ranks.
    2. High ranks are better for recruiting, as a Rec. dosnt know who to trust, and may just recruit anyone for the promotion.
    3. If someone joins as a spy, this just gives them a chance to take a whole team with them.
    4. In the theoretical situation where we recruit EVERYONE willing to join GSA, the last 3 will be stuck at Rec. forever…

  9. Nick I also propose that not everyone starts from Rec some should start straight from Private. Sometimes people who are extremely good join GSA, but get bummed out when they start from the rank Rec. Rec, should be a rank reserved to those who are totally new or have little experience in Pb2.

    1. But, the wind blows less than the sun shines. Also, to counteract the day/night cycle, just put the solar panels in space.

  10. Man I recommend too many things….. but I also recommend we add a few more ranks to the GSA promotion system, to make it longer and a little hard to get to the top so quickly. So it would look a little like this:

    Private Pvt
    Private First Class Pfc
    Specialist Spc
    Corporal Cpl
    Sergeant Sgt
    Staff Sergeant Ssg
    Master Sergeant Msg
    Sergeant Major Sgm
    Second Lieutenant 2Lt
    First Lieutenant 1Lt
    Captain Cpt
    Major Maj
    Lieutenant Colonel Ltc
    Brigadier General Bg
    Major General Mg
    General Gen
    Marshall Mah

  11. How about we set up a legitimate rank of Promoters that have to keep up with the member’s accomplishments and decide who gets promoted and when? And if someone thinks they deserve a promotion they can come to the promoter and show proof of whatever they did.

    1. Too keep everyone from getting promoted so quickly with our current promosystem.. I forgot to reply to Deluxe’s comment about trying to make it like the “real military.” So lets try it then.
      In a nutshell to make this like a real military like Deluxe and your comment said, along with a little of my input.

      To be eligible to receive a promotion you must participate in wars, and come to training sessions if able to.
      Doing activities such as recruiting experienced players or recruiting and training our less experienced recruits.
      Try to be a little more mature and respectful to your superiors (NO BUTTKISSING), this would mean following REASONABLE orders when given to you without question, most of the time (CHEW)

      I propose that we also add ranks and take out some, said up in my earlier comment……

  12. I propose a system in which everybody gets kitteh stickers.
    Do something good? You get a kitteh sticker..
    Do something bad? NO KITTEH STICKER 4 U.
    Kittehism iz law.

  13. Um…No.Just no.
    1.You’re a noob.
    2.Don’t you have your own FGSA to mess around with (smirk).
    3.You had your chance…like 4 times, honestly.
    4.You’re a has been, nuff said.
    So, No.

  14. Wat about dis

    Rec: Just joined GSA (DEEERRRPP) and must have shown some knowledge of GSA. He must behave respectfully to citizens and higher ranks in GSA. He/She HAS to be a Rec. for a week until he can be promoted.

    Pvt:Shows some skill in combat and must know the morals and important rules of GSA. They must behave respectfully to citizens and higher ranks in GSA. He/She HAS to be a Private for at least 1 week before he can be promoted.

    Cpl: Has Amatuer skills in combat and is starting to give small orders to lower ranks.They must behave respectfully to citizens and higher ranks. He/She HAS to be a Cpl for a week until they can be promoted

    Sgt: They have good skill in combat and are still giving out some orders, just this time a little bigger. They must not only behave respectfully to citizens and higher ranks, but they must start training other ranks that need to be promoted. He/She HAS to be a Sgt. for a week until they can be promoted.

    Dis is all I did so far so ya.

    I know, I am a

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