Law Vote [resolved]

Allo, it has come to my attention that GSA does not celebrate “Caps Lock Day”. This is a travesty and a sin in the eyes of Billy Mays and the 4 Big Rigs.

So, I have decided to save all of your souls and hold a vote to celebrate Caps Lock Day. Caps Lock Day is celebrated June 28th, and everyone in chat must spend at least 1 minute using caps lock. In that day, there will be NO PENALTY for BILLY MAYS related spam. Not regular spam, mind you, Billy Mays disapproves of that.


This is not the RETARDED Caps Lock day campaigning to remove the caps lock button from the keyboard. This Caps Lock Day is in memory of the death of the Lord of the Pitch,


The law would look like this:

Law 47

“The celebration of Billy Mays’ death, on June 28th, is called Caps Lock Day. Instructions are as follows: Every GSA member present in the GSA chat, or in any GSA-related method of communication that requires text, must spend at least 60 earth-seconds typing with the Caps Lock button activated. This must be done by every GSA member between 12:00 AM and 12:00 AM on June 28th. Failure to do this will result in said GSA member being branded a terrorist and anti-Billy Mays cultist. Spam is permissible, as long as you keep it in a Billy Mays theme. Any and all non-Billy Mays related spam will be treated as spam and the punishment will be as such. This holiday must be celebrated on every instance of June 28th for all time.”

Voting Closed. Law was successful.

+ Votes (True Americans and Other Countries-icans):      12    GLORIOUS VOTES

– Votes (Terrorists and Child Molesters):     4     TERRORIST VOTES


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27 thoughts on “Law Vote [resolved]

  1. “60 earth-seconds typing”

    As opposed to Jupiter seconds?

    “This must be done by every GSA member between 12:00 AM and 12:00 AM ”

    Soooo we have 1 minute to do it?

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