What are you guys thinking?!

Okay, look. I’m not saying Cyclix won, I’m saying that we’re choosing to end it here because it’s no victory for them if we just say “I’m calling this war a stalemate, nobody won.”


But no, you guys say “Let’s continue this war when really we won’t bother with it!” Banana had the right idea to end this war as a stalemate right then and there, but everyone who says they’ll continue war, when in actuality they won’t, said “I’m going to continue this war because I want to!” This vote in about another few weeks of doing nothing about it’s just going to put up another vote like Banana’s and this is all going to start over again.

These votes are just causing an infinite cycle of these votes being started and ended over and over again and they’ll never stop until someone chooses to break the cycle, and nobody here would have the balls to do it except for both me and Banana.


Now, you guy’s have been too busy being stuck in your egos to realize this. but after that second vote post got repealed, I stopped to think, “Is this really what you guys are choosing to do?” your votes are causing an infinite loop for this never to end. Both Banana and I want this war to be done, no questions about it.


Now if you guys really want to continue this cycle of never ending votes that’s your decision, there’s no way I can change that, but I just hope this post will change your minds to what you guys really want instead of what you don’t need. Now, if you guys want this war to actually end without a surrender but a stalemate. stand with me and push against what your minds are telling you to do and help me break this cycle.


Stand Proud!


P.S. Yes, I know this post was long, but read it because it’s important!


7 thoughts on “What are you guys thinking?!

  1. I know you think it’s the correct thing to do, to end the war as quickly as possible: You’re entirely correct! The issue here, is that IF we end the war here, it WONT be a stalemate. GSA’s been losing the conflict and for us to simply “back out and call it a stalemate” would be very dishonourable and cowardly, since numbers wise, Cyclix is dominating us in terms of victories.

    Hence “Operation Shimmering Freedom Knight” is meant to end the conflict with a few, decisive battles that will be used to settle the war quickly and honourably.

    Stay shiny,

    1. Look Tethys, everyone wanted to continue it and nobody’s going to. Our pride is getting the better of us. Our Minds should come before pride.

      1. Our PRIDE, is what we’re holding onto when we run to a stalemate, because we’re afraid of losing.

      2. Honestly Deluxe, if you want to end this war in a way that we’ll just say, its a stalemate cause we back out, that won’t look well for GSA. it’ll make us look like a bunch of people who wouldn’t be able to accept the possibility of loss. So why not go with Operation Shimmering Freedom Knight, and end this in the correct way? A way that says GSA tried and accepted either defeat or victory.

    1. Look Jeep, this is just the start of one of MANY. this operation Freedom whatever is vaguely similar to what Nick had planned, and then it was just scrapped because we did nothing. Banana and I want this war to end as a stalemate, i asked him about that. We want to break the cycle before it get out of control.

      1. Oh my gosh, Banana doesn’t know what he wants, and why on this earth would you want to give up? That’s just as bad as #2 of Tethy’s plan

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